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What to Ask A Lawyer Before You Hire Them for a Motorcycle Injury Accident?

What to ask a lawyer for a motorcycle accident
  1. Track Record in Motorcycle Cases

Motorcycle cases involve issues that car accidents or even truck accidents don’t include. Having an experienced attorney who has motorcycle case experience is essential to the outcome. A special license endorsement is required in Texas. Skilled insurance defense attorneys can use parts of the safety training to blame the rider for the crash.

Motorcycle safety is an ongoing public relations effort in Texas.

Getting a lawyer who has experience winning motorcycle accident cases is one way to improve your odds.

  1. When Was the Last Case You Tried to Verdict?

COVID has resulted in delays for jury trials for the last year-plus. While courts are backed up now, looking to your day in court needs the right counsel. And having an experienced trial attorney in a motorcycle crash case should be on your checklist. The more severe your injury and damages, the better attorney you should require.

Be wary of the lawyer or law firm that has a reputation of settling everything or giving the file back to the client later on. A law firm with a reputation of quick settlements is one to avoid.It is much better than you do some research and select an appropriate motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

  1. Which Lawyer Will Do the Work?

In some larger personal injury law firms are some very skilled senior partners who are the faces of the firm. You may even interview with the senior partner when you are signing up for your case. But you must have an understanding of who is going to do the work on your case.

If the assurances that you receive are that the experienced attorney will be overseen or working with another attorney, you should consider an alternative lawyer. Finding out who actually will take the depositions and handle the negotiations is a necessary inquiry.

Otherwise, you may end up thinking that you bought a Ferrari and end up having a Volkswagen instead.

  1. Will You File a Lawsuit and When?

The personal injury landscape has changed substantially over the last couple of decades. At one time, most cases could be settled out of court with skilled negotiations by the attorney. In 2021, the process has changed, and more often than not, litigation is required to move the file to an adjuster with real authority.

Even though the vast majority of motorcycle accident cases end up settling before trial, most will require initial litigation to receive fair compensation.

  1. Will You Handle the Property Damage to My Bike?

Another consideration is whether the attorney you are considering will help you with the property damage portion of your claim. Many personal injury attorneys do not handle property damage claims simply because there’s no mechanism for the attorney to get paid for that work. Having a conversation with the attorney on who will take that part of the claim will avoid a misunderstanding

  1. How many open cases do you have right now?

Asking the attorney, how many open files they have will give you an excellent understanding of how much time the attorney will have for your case. Some attorneys simply have too many available cases to be effective on any single one of them.

While a heavy caseload is a proven method for the attorney to make a lot of money, it is the wrong choice for a prospective client if you get the impression that the attorney is rushed in your interview that should speak volumes about your case will be handled.

  1. Are You a Motorcycle Rider?

The more familiar the attorney is with motorcycles and the safety requirements, the better. The best mix for a personal injury lawyer handling a motorcycle case would be one that has motorcycle riding experience and substantial trial time.

Spending a little time researching the attorneys you are considering can pay dividends in your case. The alternative can be very painful and costly. You may end up with an inexperienced attorney or who has a record of settling cheaply and moving on. Alternatively, you can find yourself in the wrong hands entirely and end up looking for another attorney that complicates things after you have already hired the first one.

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