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How Settlement Money is Divided in a Motorcycle Accident Case

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How Settlement Money is Divided in a

Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle injury cases in Texas are handled like other personal injury claims. If there were two riders involved in an accident, the settlement money is usually divided based upon the severity of the injury and other damages and other factors.

There is no set formula for dividing damages between motorcycle truck crash victims. The money can be but is not always divided based upon the “specials,” which are the economic damages such as medical bills and lost wages. However, the more important consideration is the severity of the injury.

Hospital liens and health insurance payback

If you were treated at a hospital and did not have health insurance for the hospital did not take your health insurance, there is a good chance that you may have a “hospital lien” that attaches to any settlement. Insurance companies will not pay liability coverage without addressing a hospital lien that is filed on your case.

If you use your health insurance for your medical treatment, your health insurance company may seek to be entitled to be paid back from settlement proceeds. This payback is called “subrogation”. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled in negotiating reduced payments to hospitals and health insurance companies.


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