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What Should I Do If I Was Hit By a Motorcycle in Houston?

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Imagine driving along the streets of Houston when, out of nowhere, a motorcycle collides with your vehicle. It is startling and potentially dangerous, leaving you wondering what steps to take next. In this article, you are guided through the necessary actions to consider if you are in such an unfortunate situation.

What Should I do if I was hit my a motorcycle in Houston

How Can a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Help If You Were Hit By a Motorcycle?

When unexpected accidents happen, the aftermath can be overwhelming. This is where a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer comes into play. Think of them as your legal lifeline. They’re equipped to offer you valuable guidance and support during this challenging time.

Below is how they can help:

  • Non-obligatory consultation. Many seasoned injury lawyers will listen to your story and inform you about your legal options – a free consultation -all without any upfront costs.
  • You are a dedicated team player. You and your lawyer form a team. The team could expand on a need-to-need basis, including other personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and case managers who work tirelessly to build your case and achieve success.
  • Proven track record. A law firm with a history of effectively settling and litigating claims will go a long way. This means they have walked the walk and secured compensation for their clients.
  • Thorough representation. Your lawyer is like your ally; they will fight for your rights relentlessly, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the case.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Houston, TX?

Numbers don’t lie, and the statistics paint a clear picture. In 2022, Houston witnessed 705 crashes involving at least one motorcycle. These incidents involved collisions between motorcycles and automobiles, pedestrians, or bicycles. Out of these, 461 collisions led to serious consequences, including:

  • 20 motorcyclists lost their lives due to these crashes.
  • 353 motorcyclists were injured, along with one pedestrian.
  • Injuries varied, with 94 cases requiring immediate hospitalization, 117 resulting in minor injuries, and 143 leading to complaints of pain.

The data doesn’t pinpoint who was at fault in these accidents. It’s a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the road. Fatal motorcycle accidents are on an upward trend in Texas.

Steps to Take After Being Hit By a Motorcycle in Houston

The chaos of an accident can be disorienting, but keeping a clear head is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow if you ever find yourself hit by a motorcycle:

Stop at the Accident Scene

If the unexpected happens and you’re involved in an accident, it’s crucial to come to a stop. Whether you’re responsible or not, leaving the scene prematurely can lead to legal trouble. Even if the collision wasn’t your fault, stopping is the responsible thing to do.

Call the Police

In cases involving death, injury, or property damage, contacting law enforcement is a must. Depending on where the accident occurred, you must contact the city police, county sheriff’s office, or Texas Highway Patrol. Their investigation will result in a crash report detailing the incident.

Exchange Information

Regardless of fault, exchanging information with the other parties involved is essential. This includes contact details, insurance information, and any relevant identifiers. It’s not just about responsibility; it’s about ensuring everyone’s well-being.

Seek Medical Attention

Your well-being matters, too. Even if you don’t feel severely injured, seeking medical attention is wise. A medical professional can uncover hidden injuries, diagnose your condition, and document your medical history. This documentation is crucial for any potential legal proceedings.

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle collision can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Knowing your rights and the steps to take can make all the difference in a world where accidents are unpredictable. Consulting a motorcycle crash attorney can guide you and support you.

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