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“My car was hit by a drunk driver nearly killing me. The driver then tried to leave the scene after leaving me in a coma. Greg Baumgartner was a big part of my recovery. He and his team made sure that I was taken care of and there was no way for the drunk driver to run from what he had done. Even though the case has been settled he has kept in contact showing that he is truly concerned about his clients. He is a great lawyer and remains a great friend to this day. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of help.”

- T. Runyon

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Houston Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving is a crime, and with a DWI or DUI accident, the city of Houston will prosecute the drunk driver. That criminal prosecution does not help a person injured in a drunk driving accident. If you have been injured, in a DWI/DUI accident talk to a leading drunk driving accident lawyer in Houston at Baumgartner Law Firm.

Our law firm’s goal is to maximize your compensation after a DWI or DUI injury accident. Our personal injury lawyers have been winning record settlements for over three decades. Call 281-587-1111 for a free consultation or contact us online to schedule a consultation with Houston’s premier drunk driving accident lawyer!

Why Does Houston Have So Many Drunk Driving Car Accidents?

Harris County residents are injured and drunk driving accidents at an alarming rate. The Texas Department of Transportation indicates that a person is involved in a drunk driving accident crash and injured or killed every 20 minutes in Texas. Unfortunately, Texas leads the nation in fatal drunk driving accidents.

The DOT reports we have over 11,000 deaths from drinking drivers each year in the United States.

Injured by a drunk driver in HoustonThe problem of intoxicated drivers with very high blood alcohol levels causing car accidents in Harris County cannot be overstated. Despite recent crackdowns by the city of Houston TX, drunk driving arrests are at all-time highs.

The Houston Police Department arrests over 1000 people each month in alcohol-related driving offenses. The drunk driving problem in Houston has been described as catastrophic!

Drinking drivers cause most of the worst car accidents in Houston TX. Approximately one out of three fatal accidents involve alcohol. Our Houston wrongful death lawyers have won numerous lawsuits against bars and clubs and drunk drivers.

How Our Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Handle Your DWI Injury Claim

DUI or drunk driving accident lawyer in HoustonOur award-winning DWI injury lawyers have been winning lawsuits against drunk drivers, bars, and others for over three decades. Our reputation for recovering maximum damages for you was earned the hard way- through tireless work.

When you hire us we will take these steps:

After you hire us, we work to discover where the driver got drunk and where the accidents drunk driving took place. Sometimes other defendants (like a bar) can also be held accountable. Drunk drivers who severely injure or kill a loved one behind the wheel are more worried about going to jail, than paying a civil lawsuit, making insurance coverage vital to getting full compensation for your damages. Their blood alcohol concentration levels will also need to be looked at as well.

While lawsuits against bars and clubs have legal hurdles in Texas, our top-rated personal injury lawyers have been successful in many high profile cases. Not every claim against a drunk driver will involve the legal responsibility of a bar or club. But if a bar over served the drinking driver, we want to know.

Hire us for an injury claim soon after the DWI car wreck. The earlier we start, the better the odds that evidence is obtained. The police often videotape the drunk driver’s accident. One tactic of insurance companies is to ask the lawyer for the drunk driver in the criminal case to have the videotape destroyed after the criminal case is resolved. Sometimes, especially if the lawsuit will include a bar, visual evidence of intoxication is critical, especially in a wrongful death situation.

And with fatal or severe injury cases when a bar or a club is a defendant, it is essential to obtain eyewitnesses at the establishment. That can only happen if you hire our DUI injury accident lawyers quickly after the crash.

We will get your medical records and study those records from the drunk driver accident. Often, we consult with your physicians about the injuries. We will learn about how the Texas drunk driving crash has affected your life and the struggles you endured, conducting a damage evaluation for presentation to the insurer for settlement talks.

We will negotiate with the insurance companies to get maximum compensation for you. Our law firm has obtained maximum compensation for folks hurt by drinking drivers for 35 years.  Click to see some of our recent results.

If the insurance company does not pay full compensation for you, we will file your lawsuit and try your case to a jury. Our reputation for getting maximum damages was earned the old-fashioned way, hard work!

Filing your personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver happens when the insurance company is not serious about settling your case. Once a lawsuit is filed, we can get more evidence through discovery.

What is lawsuit discovery?

Discovery involves sending written questions to the defendant to answer. These questions are called interrogatories.  Requests to produce documents are also a part of lawsuit discovery. Requests make the defendant give us documents about the accident and other items. Depositions are conducted, which involve answering questions under oath.

Filing your personal injury lawsuit focuses the defense and requires the defendant to disclose all insurance coverage and identify witnesses.

We have been winning huge settlements in DUI cases for over 35 years. Our systematic approach has been refined over three decades. If a drunk driver hurts you behind the wheel, you are in good hands at Baumgartner Law Firm.

What Compensation Can I Get After a Drunk Driving Accident?

Actual damages for personal injury from an accident in Texas include:

Also, punitive damages are punishment awards we frequently seek in drunk driving accident lawsuits.

Can I Get Punitive Damages From a Drunk Driver?

In many DWI cases, punitive also called “exemplary” damages can be sought for the defendant’s dangerous conduct. While Texas has established by case law and statute some limitations for exemplary damages, they may be available in car accidents involving a DWI accident. Our Houston drunk driving lawyers have recovered huge settlements after filing a lawsuit against the drinking driver.

drunk at bar in HoustonThese damages are in addition to actual damages like pain and suffering and medical bills.  The damages are treated as a civil punishment for bad acts. The intent of these types of damages is also to deter others from engaging in outrageous behavior to protect our community. Our Houston punitive damage lawyers have settled numerous high profile injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

View our Drunk Driving in Texas Infographic to learn more about the DWI problem in Texas.

Speak with a Top-Rated DWI / DUI  Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a DWI / DUI accident or hit by a drunk driver call a Houston drunk driving lawyer at Baumgartner Law Firm at 281-587-1111 or CLICK HERE to fill out an online consultation request and we will contact you. Contact our award winning lawyers today for a drunk driving accident case consultation!

Call 281-587-1111!

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Common Questions About Driving Drunk Accident Cases

Why hire a Houston drunk driver accident lawyer?


A DWI auto accident is valued by the insurance company differently than other car accidents. The potential for a big jury verdict is real when the driver of the other vehicle gets arrested for drunken driving. Punitive type of damages may also be a factor. An experienced attorney can only achieve the leverage of a potential jury verdict. Many people who try to handle their cases end up with much less without a top-rated attorney.

How to find the best-drunk driving accident attorney?

There is no question that the better your attorney, the better your odds are for recovering maximum compensation. To find the best attorney for your case requires research. The most important qualities to look for include, experience, reputation, and track record of winning big cases.

Look at your attorney’s peer-reviewed ratings, past clients with a drunk driving injury, and many years of experience they have with these types of cases. Be wary of “high-volume” practices as you may not receive the attorney input your case deserves. Often hectic law practices end up putting “case managers” and other nonlawyers in charge of the file. You’ll want to make sure they specialize in these practice areas and that it’s not some type of free case.

Finally, make sure you have confidence in the attorney you choose when you meet with them. First impressions are usually accurate as well as the case evaluation.

How much is my drunk driving injury worth?

There are many factors involved in the valuation of the personal injury caused by a drunk driver. There is no magic formula for valuing each case. Essential elements include objective findings from your doctors.  The total amount of the medical bills, lost wages, available insurance, and the reputation of the attorney handling the case. Because of the potential for punitive damages, drunk driving cases are valued higher than a typical car accident.

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We help people injured in drunk driving accidents.



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