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“My car was hit by a drunk driver nearly killing me. The driver then tried to leave the scene after leaving me in a coma. Greg Baumgartner was a big part of my recovery. He and his team made sure that I was taken care of and there was no way for the drunk driver to run from what he had done. Even though the case has been settled he has kept in contact showing that he is truly concerned about his clients. He is a great lawyer and remains a great friend to this day. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of help.”

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    Have You Been a Victim of A Drunk Driving Accident?
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    What Are Punitive Damages?
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    Wrongful Death Lawsuits In Houston, TX
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Free Drunk Driving Accident Case Review

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Houston Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

While drunk driving is a crime and you can be assured in an injury DWI or DUI accident the state will prosecute the drunk driver criminally. That does not help the victim of a drunk driving accident, it takes a Houston drunk driving accident lawyer to obtain civil justice.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Serving Houston

You need a Houston drunk driving accident layer who understands how to prosecute civil lawsuits against drunk drivers, bars and others and has a proven track record in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.
One of the key factors in serious drunk driving accident is to determine where and how the drinking driver got drunk because many times other potential defendants can be pursued in addition to the drunk driver.

While lawsuits against bars and clubs have legal hurdles in Texas, the drunk driving accident lawyer at the Baumgartner law firm have been extremely successful in many noteworthy cases against not only the drunk driver but also those who served them. Not every case against a drunk driver will involve legal responsibility of a bar or club.

It is important to hire a reputable DUI accident attorney as soon as possible after the car wreck while evidence can still be preserved. The police often videotape the drinking driver and the lawyer for the drunk driver in the criminal case will often seek to have the videotape destroyed after the case is resolved. Sometimes especially if the lawsuit will involve a club or bar such evidence of outward intoxication is very important.

Additionally, when a bar or a club is a potential defendant it is critical to obtain eyewitness evidence at the establishment. That can only happen if you hire a DUI or DWI injury accident lawyer quickly after the drunk driving accident.

Punitive Damages in DWI Cases

In many drunk-driving car accidents punitive damages can be sought for the dangerous conduct on the part of the defendant driver. While Texas has established express rules for dealing with punitive damages they may be appropriately sought in some accidents involving the DWI accident. It is important to note, that punitive damages are in addition to actual damages and are assessed as a civil punishment for bad acts.

The Houston drunk driving accident lawyer Gregory Baumgartner at the Baumgartner law firm has handled cases involving substantial punitive damages in drunk driver accident cases for over 30 years.

View our Drunk Driving in Texas Infographic to learn more about DWI accident statistics in Texas.

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Baumgartner Law Firm is pleased to announce the Baumgartner Law Firm Car Accident Scholarship for the 2016 school ou ear. We work closely with car accident victims and their families every day & understand the difficulties of overcoming the affects of these injuries. We would like to help a student who’s been affected by an car accident & is committed to helping others in their career path.



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