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Blind Spot Truck Accidents

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One of the most dangerous features of the big truck is that of blind spots. Every truck driver knows that there are certain areas surrounding the tractor-trailer that a driver can have a real hard time seeing traffic around the truck. The truck accident lawyers at Baumgartner Law Firm have won many settlements from blind spot truck accidents.

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About Blind Spot Trucking Accidents

Blindspot accidents have been one of the single largest contributors to serious injury and fatal truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sponsors many campaigns aimed at educating both professional drivers and the public on the dangers of blind zone accidents. Here is an article on what you need to know about blind spots and truck wrecks.

Many fatal truck accidents happen in a blind spot crash.

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What are Blind Spot Accidents?

Blind spots on big rigs or tractor-trailers are areas just to the sides of the cab, and directly in front of and behind the big truck.  These are areas where the truck driver is unable to see other smaller vehicles. When a truck driver moves lanes and runs over a car because he did not see the car, these are blind spot accidents!

Where are the Blind Spots on a Big Rig or Tractor-Trailer?

The areas shaded are the truck driver’s blind spots.

Blind spot accidents

The areas shaded are the truck driver’s blind spots.

  • Avoid driving along the side of the big rig, either move forward and past or move back so the driver can see you. If you can see the driver’s face and in his mirror, he can see you.
  • The left side of a big truck is a smaller blind spot and therefore passing on that side should be safer.
  • The blind spot on the right side of the truck can extend three lanes and run the length of the big rig.
  • When behind a big truck stay far enough back so the truck driver knows you’re there.

Many serious truck accidents happen simply because the truck driver was unaware that another motorist was in the way. Truck drivers who seem to bully their way into the lanes regardless of who’s there frequently infuriate passenger car drivers.

We assume that the truck driver just doesn’t care and is driving the big truck so they can do what they want. The reality is that the truck driver doesn’t see the vehicles and therefore believes that the lane is clear when they move over.

Because truck drivers are aware of the blind spots they should use extra caution when changing lanes by making their intentions known well in advance. Unfortunately, that is something that does not happen every day on the highways throughout the state of Texas.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a blind spot accident where a tractor-trailer or 18 wheeler came into your lane and caused the accident, contact the best truck accident attorney you can find as soon as possible after the crash.

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The Baumgartner Law Firm has been successfully prosecuting serious injury and wrongful death blind spot accidents for over 30 years. If you have been seriously injured or lost a family member call a Houston truck accident lawyer immediately for a no-obligation consultation regarding your rights and options.