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Closed Head Injuries After An Accident

A variety of physical injuries can result from an auto accident. Broken bones, paralysis, internal injuries, or even cuts and bruises may lay you up for days, weeks, or even months. One type of injury that is especially difficult to treat is the closed-head injury. (more…)

Why Personal Injury Victims Need To Stay Off Facebook

Personal injury victims should stay off of social media such as Facebook during the pendency of a personal injury claim. There are many reasons, and some are set forth below. (more…)

Healthcare Resources for Houston Area

Here at the Baumgartner Law Firm, we understand the importance of ensuring viable healthcare for you and your family.

We also understand that it can be extremely difficult to secure healthcare particularly if you do not have health insurance; which can not only be problematic, but getting help can be extremely long, tedious, and often include a great deal of red tape that can be hard to cut through. (more…)

On-the-Job Injury Claims in Texas

For injured employees, the Texas Worker’s Compensation system can be a double-edged sword. While a worker injured on the job should have their medical expenses paid under the scheme, the competition for human damages is very limited. (more…)

Herniated Discs and Car Wrecks

There are many different terms that can be used to define a “herniated disc”, such as “pinched nerve”, “bulging disc”, and so forth. In addition, a herniated disc can also occur in the neck, and thus, many patients may be concerned or even confused when hearing some of these terms. (more…)

Helpful Resources for Choosing a Houston Daycare Facility

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right daycare facility for your child: cost, proximity to work or home, curriculum, and even friendliness of staff members. (more…)

The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle in Houston

Helpful information provided by the Houston accident attorneys at the Baumgartner Law Firm (more…)

Burn Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Undoubtedly, burn injury lawsuits attract some national attention and usually because of a large jury verdict. Studies have shown that burn injury cases have the potential for extremely large awards for many different reasons. (more…)

Can I Fire My Personal Injury Attorney

We receive calls frequently from personal injury victims who are seeking to change attorneys for one reason or another. About 99% of the time, the problem involves communication gaps between the personal injury attorney and the client. (more…)

What you need to know about hospital liens

Texas has a hospital lien law that enables hospitals to recoup some of the money that they are out by treating persons that are injured in an accident who don’t have insurance or the ability to pay for the healthcare. (more…)

Suing Bars and Clubs For Over Serving

Dram shop liability

For anyone that has ever visited a pub, bar, or another drinking establishment that serves alcohol, they are often privy to the number of drinks that the facility is willing to serve. When an intoxicated driver causes an accident, both the drunk driver and the place where he over consumed may have legal responsibility.

What is a Deposition?

More and more first laundry claims are ending up in litigation, primarily due to the failure of the state of Texas to regulate claims handling practices by insurance companies. Part of the litigation process is a “deposition” which is sworn testimony by the person being questioned. (more…)

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