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If you have suffered a catastrophic injury as the result of someone’s negligence, you may seek compensation for damages from those responsible. This kind of injury is often accompanied by long-term or permanent disability. You or a family member may be unable to maintain employment as a result, creating an incredible financial strain. Hiring a Houston catastrophic injury attorney is the first step in protecting your rights and options. We have been protecting the financial futures of Texas families for over three decades. Call us at 281-587-1111!catastrophic injury in an accident

Accident victims in cases of catastrophic injuries will need to retain an experienced Houston catastrophic injury attorney to explore possibilities to protect your rights!

Catastrophic injuries can change your life, often in ways you never expected. If your catastrophic injury occurred due to the negligence of another party, a personal injury claim can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and wages lost due to your accident. Contact the premier catastrophic injury lawyers at Baumgartner Law Firm today for a FREE no-obligation consultation to begin your claim Call (281) 587-1111.

What Constitutes Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries include those that create long-term or lifelong impact and limitations. Catastrophic injuries may include:

Catastrophic injuries constitute a serious change in your life. They may prevent you from working in your preferred industry, from engaging in the same leisure activities that you once enjoyed, or even from spending time with friends and family. Often, catastrophic injuries will impact your life in ways you could not predict prior to your accident. Getting the best personal injury lawyer near you is a first step in protecting your financial future.

Doctors operating after an accidentRegardless of the cause of your life-altering injury, there will be many important factors surrounding your case. Sorting it all out to establish fault and the extent of the damages you suffer likely will necessitate help from a qualified attorney.

What types of damages might a catastrophic injury cause?

Each case is unique, but there are a number of possible damages that victims might suffer. It is important to be compensated fully for all the damages you or your loved one suffer to be sure you receive the care and service you need. Given the severe nature of catastrophic injuries, the judgment or settlement sums are often large and may cover:

Recovering Compensation for Houston Catastrophic Injuries: How Much Can You Expect?

If another party caused your catastrophic injuries due to their negligence, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. The compensation you can ultimately recover will depend on several factors.

Who caused your injuries?

In many cases, the liable party will carry an insurance policy that provides vital protection in the event of a catastrophic injury. For example, if you suffered injuries in a premise liability accident, you may have grounds to recover compensation through the liable party’s premises liability insurance. On the other hand, if you suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident, you may have grounds to recover compensation through the liable party’s auto insurance and possibly your own auto policy depending on your coverage and should find the best car accident lawyer near me. If you were hurt in an accident with an 18-wheeler the trucking company will have a commercial larger limits insurance policy. Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer to investigate the case.

Determining all available insurance is a factor that should be addressed as soon as possible.

What medical bills did you face because of your injuries?

Catastrophic injuries may lead to immense medical bills. In many cases, catastrophic injuries mean a long hospital stay. They can mean multiple surgeries and procedures. You may need in-home care to help take care of you during your recovery, or you might need to work with a physical and occupational therapist long-term. You may also need durable medical equipment: a prosthetic device to help aid in mobility and independence following an amputation, for example, or a wheelchair to help you get around after a spinal cord injury.

Talk to an experienced Houston personal injury attorney about how to claim compensation for both current and anticipated future medical expenses following a catastrophic injury, since you may find yourself facing lifelong medical bills due to your injuries.

What other financial losses did you face because of your injuries?

Catastrophic injuries can prevent you from going back to work after your accident. In some cases, your employer may help get you back to work, or allow you to work on a limited basis, as soon as possible. In other cases, you may need to wait until you progress through your recovery before you can even consider going back to work. Your lost wages can pose just as many problems as your rapidly increasing bills after your catastrophic injuries. In some cases, you may even permanently lose the ability to work in your preferred industry, or to fill your former job roles. An attorney can help you include your lost wages or lost earning potential as part of a personal injury claim.

In addition to the tangible financial factors associated with your catastrophic injuries, your injury claim may include compensation for your pain and suffering and your long-term losses.

Talk to our attorneys about how to include human damages in your claim. You may also receive additional compensation due to the lifelong nature of your losses. In some cases, for example, that may mean lost enjoyment of life, lost relationships due to your changed circumstances, or lost freedom and independence.

Determining the Liable Party in a Houston Catastrophic Accident: How Do You Know Who Bears Liability?

In order to file a personal injury claim, you need to know who bears liability for your accident. Often, that may mean more than one entity. The liable party for your accident should:

A duty of care means that the liable party has some responsibility to you. For example, premises owners have a basic duty of care to ensure that all visitors to that premises have a reasonably safe experience, while drivers bear a duty of care to all others who share the road with them.

Suppose, for example, that you suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident with a speeding commercial truck. The driver may bear liability for your injuries due to his reckless acts. If the driver’s company violated a safety rule or failed to repair the brakes on the truck, contributing to your accident, the company may also share responsibility with the driver. Our truck accident lawyers in Houston have been holding negligent truckers accountable for over three decades. We are undefeated in truck accident lawsuits. If you have been hurt in a construction accident, getting in touch with a construction accident lawyer early can help you make your case. We have handled numerous serious injuries and wrongful death construction accidents.

Keep in mind that you will need evidence that the other party’s negligence caused your injury. Texas is a comparative responsibility state which means that if you share some fault for the accident, your damages will be reduced accordingly and if you are help to have more than fifty percent responsibility you may be barred from collecting damages.

Did You Suffer Catastrophic Injuries in Houston?

If you suffered catastrophic injuries in a Houston accident, having a personal injury attorney on your side can make it easier to seek the compensation you deserve. Contact Baumgartner Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation to review your claim and your injuries.


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