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State Farm Auto Accident Claims
calendar icon17September
Handling a State Farm Car Accident Claim

  State Farm is one of the largest auto insurance companies doing business in the state of Texas. State Farm’s reputation is good. But handling a claim with State Farm …

Truck Crash on US 59 Beeville, TX
calendar icon08September
Fatal Truck Accident Kills One on US 59 Near Beeville, TX

An 18-wheeler accident in Beeville caused the death of one person Tuesday morning. According to reports, the fatal accident included both a semi-truck and two other vehicles. The crash happened …

Event Data recorders and car wrecks
calendar icon20August
How On-Board Computer Data Can Help Your Texas Car Accident Case

  If the idea of a black box or computer data proving the details of an accident makes you think of an airplane, it’s time to think smaller (or closer …

How to improve a personal injury case
calendar icon19August
How Can I Protect My Personal Injury Case?

  Many folks believe that the insurance adjuster will be fair with them after an injury accident that was not their fault.  Unfortunately, the number of times the adjuster paid …

What to do after a fatal auto accident?
calendar icon16August
What Happens When Someone Dies in a Car Wreck in Texas?

  In 2020, there were about 38,700 traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. A fatal car accident can have far-reaching consequences for surviving family members. Oftentimes, the period after losing someone you love …

It's against the law in Texas to text and drive
calendar icon12August
Proving the Other Driver was Texting in an Accident

Texting While Driving a Crime? Increasingly, texting while driving has become a crime in most states in this country. Yet, people continue to make a habit of texting on their …