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calendar icon07September
What You Need to Know About Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster on a Personal Injury Claim

The adjuster is not on your side! The larger your personal injury claim, the more likely the adjuster contacting you will be nice and friendly. The smaller your claim appears …

calendar icon07September
What is a Black Box and How Can it Impact my Accident Case?

Most newer cars in the U.S. today have event recorders or event data recorders, also known as black boxes. The information they provide is vital in many personal injury lawsuits. …

calendar icon07September
Drunk Driving Accidents and Jail Time in Texas

  Many drivers may know that driving while intoxicated (DWI) or simply driving and drinking can have many consequences. This article addresses some of the consequences in Texas if you …

Truck Mechanical Failures
calendar icon04August
What are the Most Common Mechanical Failures for Big Rigs?

As drivers on the road in Texas, we will likely be near a big rig during our travels. Houston is a major truck transportation hub, so it is no surprise …

calendar icon03August
What To Do When The Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls After An Accident

It is unbelievable the number of telephone calls we get with the same complaint, the “adjuster will not return our phone calls.” Many people do not want to hassle with …

calendar icon01August
How to Make a Claim with Geico After a Car Accident

A car accident can be devastating and, at the same time, confusing. In addition to the physical and mental pain associated with the injuries, the accident can have profound financial …

calendar icon01August
How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take in Texas?

  Every personal injury case is unique, and at the same time, many are very similar. Some personal injury cases take much longer than others. Some factors that determine the …

calendar icon30July
What Is a Diminished Value Claim?

  There is no secret that a vehicle’s value depreciates as soon as it is driven off the dealership lot. The longer you drive it, the more value it loses. …

calendar icon21July
State Farm Claims and Car Accident Settlements (in 2022)

  The following guides will help you get sorted on your state farm claim (in 2022). We will talk about State Farm auto accident claims and State Farm settlement payout …

calendar icon10June
Should I Give an Insurance Statement After a Car Accident?

  Unfortunately, giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company can be a mistake. After someone is injured in a car accident and calls the insurance company to …

calendar icon02June
What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

  If you’re a motorcyclist, the chances of you being in an accident are high. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are about 26 times …

Why a lawyer will not take your accident case
calendar icon24May
4 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Declines a Case? People wonder why attorneys will not accept their accident cases. This article is written to give a brief overview of the issue. …