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The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle in Houston


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The United States keeps track of car and motorcycle accident statistics to improve safety. Although not surprising to a personal injury attorney, the Houston motorcycle accident statistics clearly show how deadly a motorcycle accident can be.

Motorcycle Accident Houston TX Statistics

According to the information collected by the Texas Department of Transportation and other sources:

  • Motorcycle riders are 35 times more likely to be killed in an accident than passenger car drivers.
  • Almost 90,000 motorcycle riders were killed in one year alone in the United States, with at least 560 died in a crash in Texas.
  • Over 10% of all accidents on highways in the United States involve motorcycles.
  • A rider without a helmet is much more likely to die of a closed head injury than one wearing a helmet.
  • Almost half of fatal motorcycle accidents involve a passenger car or pickup truck turning into a motorcycle.
  • A large number of fatalities involve no other vehicles.
  • About half of fatal motorcycle accidents in Texas involve riders without a motorcycle license endorsement.
  • Speed is a factor in a large percentage of wrecks.
  • Almost 1/3 of motorcycle crashes in Texas involve alcohol.
  • Increasingly, more riders are wearing helmets.

Almost everyone agrees that the main reason there are so many motorcycle deaths is negligence and the lack of protection on the bike itself. Even with the best safety equipment without the protective cover provided by a pastor core pickup truck, a bike rider or a motorcyclist is at the mercy of the larger vehicles.

Alcohol and motor vehicle accidents are also a factor that is disproportionately apparent in motorcycle crashes. Almost 1/3 of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve alcohol above the legal limit. Often, speed is accompanied by drunk driving as a factor in the fatal motorcycle wreck.

Heavy Traffic Increases the Danger for Bikers

wrecked motorcycle

To compound matters riding a bike on congested highways, such as those in Houston, Texas, increases the likelihood of a serious injury or wrongful death accident exponentially. Most motorcycle accidents occur because the other drivers cannot see the motorcycle itself and act as if the bike is not even there.

When traffic is congested, the visibility factor becomes much greater and much more dangerous for anyone to ride a motorcycle.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, over 10,000 motorcycle accidents occurred last year. Fewer than 500 people were killed in Texas in motorcycle crashes. At the same time, over 2000 people were injured in Texas in that year.

Each year, motorcycles are more popular, and more bikes are on the roadway. Unfortunately, with Texas’s explosive growth rate, more and more motorists are on the highway. Also, our highway construction has not kept pace with our growth.

This situation has made riding motorcycles and metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio much more dangerous than just a few years ago.

If you ride a motorcycle, ride safely and avoid the major highways whenever possible and during peak traffic times.

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