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About Bike Safety in Houston

Houston Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle is not only great exercise, but it is also the ideal way to get around town. Riding a bike improves your fitness and provides you with a way to get some fresh air and see some sights. Biking is a perfect family activity, and it is eco-friendly. Unfortunately, riding a bicycle comes with some inherent dangers. When you share the road with cars and trucks, accidents can happen. Some of the injuries that occur in bike collisions can be serious and life-threatening. If you were hurt in a bicycle accident, contact a car accident lawyer, you may be owed money for your injuries.

Bike safety in Houston, TX

Bicycle Laws in Houston

When you ride a bike in Houston you must follow the Houston bicycle laws. The law prohibits you from riding your bike on sidewalks in the business district. You may ride on the sidewalk in some areas, but you have to yield to pedestrians. You must also provide an audible signal when passing a pedestrian. When you ride on the street you must obey the traffic laws, signals, and signs. Always ride in the same direction as traffic and stay on the right side of the lane.

Any child younger than 14 years old must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Your helmet must fit properly and must be in good condition. If you are in an accident, you will probably need to replace your helmet. Houston has a fund that provides bicycle helmets to low-income families. The fund is in place to ensure that all children have access to a helmet before they ride their bicycles.

Tips for Bicycle Safety

Bicycles share the road with drivers, and it is up to everyone to maintain proper safety standards. Bicyclists should be cautious and stay in the far-right lane. Always stop at stop signs and do not try to cut between vehicles. Head injuries are among the most severe bicycle accident injuries that may occur. Adults and children should wear protective headgear while they ride a bicycle. A bicycle helmet can prevent the most serious head trauma in many instances.

Riders should use lights at night or in inclement weather. They should wear reflective clothing, so they are more visible to others. When a bicycle lane is available, always utilize this space. Drivers need to watch for bicyclists. Do not change lanes until you are sure that there is not a bike rider in your blind spot. Use caution when passing a bicyclist. In the city, do not open the door of your parked vehicle until you first check to make sure that a rider is not nearby. Do not allow children to ride alone and instruct them on the importance of rider safety.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are often traumatic and devastating events. The bicyclist may suffer a severe injury and should always get checked out by a doctor, even if they don’t initially think it is serious. Keep in mind that some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can worsen quickly and require emergency medical treatment. Make sure that you call the police to report the accident and obtain contact and insurance information from the driver. If you can, getting witnesses’ names and numbers can be very helpful. If not the police will get details of the crash and obtain witness statements.

Call an experienced Houston injury attorney. Your lawyer will take care of the legal issues while you recover from your injuries. The negligent driver may owe you money for your damages including your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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