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5 Telltale Signs of Daycare Negligence and What to Do About It

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Caring for your children and providing for their needs is a huge responsibility. It is a fact that you want to give your children the very best of everything, and that requires proper planning. Finding a balance between time management and the development of your children is a necessity in this case.

Daycare Negligence

5 Telltale Signs of Daycare Negligence and What to Do About It

That means that watching over your children round the clock may not be possible. The reason is that as a parent, you need to work and attend to other responsibilities so you can provide for your children. In that case, daycare facilities come in handy. The expectation when taking your children to a daycare facility is that they will not only receive necessary care but the nurturing they need as well.

Most child care facilities indeed have the interests of every child at heart, which is why they are a viable option for most parents. However, you also need to note that daycare facilities affect the emotional, psychological, and physical development of your child. For that reason, if your child suffers negligence at a daycare facility, the experience can bear long-term effects on them.

Here are some of the signs of daycare negligence that every parent should be curious about and act upon accordingly.

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Signs of Daycare Negligence

1. Unsafe Conditions Indoors or Outdoors

The safety of your child should always be a priority whenever you are away. It is quite disheartening to find your child hurting or with injuries when you pick them from a daycare facility after returning from work. Some parents go to the extent of resigning when their children become victims of daycare negligence.

Since you cannot afford to trade the wellbeing of your children with work or other responsibilities, ensure the environment of the daycare center you opt for is safe. The presence of faulty playground equipment, open working fireplaces, broken glass, broken-down vehicles, and sharp edges at a daycare center are signs of neglect.

What To Do About It

Before you opt for a particular daycare, tour the facility to find out whether the environment is safe for your child both indoors and outdoors. If you discover a nearby daycare center is not ideal for your child, consider looking for another option elsewhere. Remember that sacrificing some time to drop off your children at a reputable daycare center than opting for a nearby facility that is unsafe is a priceless decision.

2. Hunger and Thirst

Feeding your children well as they grow is not an option. Unfortunately, some children are poor feeders, which suggests that you need to be patient with them during mealtime. If your child is a good feeder, they also need attention, or otherwise, they will go hungry. Managing children at a daycare center is no mean feat, which means that your child can lack the care they need.

Some daycare workers are not patient enough with children, and that can be a problem in one way or another. For instance, if you discover that your child is consistently in need of food or water when you bring them home from the daycare center, it is a sign of neglect.

What to Do About It

Weight loss and signs of dehydration on a child who is a victim of negligence are stressful enough for any parent. If that is the case, consider visiting the daycare facility to discuss the situation with management.

In case you discover that your child will not receive the necessary nourishment at the daycare facility you opt for, you can consider employing a nanny or leaving your child under the care of a family member when you are away.

3. Insufficient Staffing

Toddlers and youngsters require close supervision at a daycare facility. Taking eyes off young ones for some time can invite surprises, and it poses various risks to children as well. The same way you watch over your children at home is the same attention they should receive at a daycare facility.

The problem is that some daycare centers are always under pressure to manage young ones due to understaffing, which is a sign of negligence on their part. If a daycare facility does not have enough care providers, that is a red flag right there.

What to Do About It

Anyone who opens a daycare center must be up to the task. It is possible to tell whether a daycare center will meet or even exceed your expectations by assessing the measures put in place as well as the number of staff available. Any sign that suggests that the daycare center you are considering has inadequate staff is a confirmation that your child may be prone to negligence.

Once you establish such details after scrutinizing the daycare center, you need to opt-out as soon as you can and find caregivers for your children elsewhere.

Scratches, Bruises, or Injuries

Once in a while, your child can trip and fall at a daycare center or even at home when they are under your watch. However, if your child is always sustaining injuries and the care providers cannot explain the same, then there is a problem. Also, if your child has marks on the wrists, upper arms, abdomen, back, or other odd places on their body, they are probably suffering abuse while you are away.

You cannot afford to assume that scratches, bruises, or injuries are part of the growing process of your child when your loved one has a fresh wound every other day. The simple explanation, in this case, is that your child lacks supervision at the daycare center.

What to Do About It

Taking immediate action if your child is returning from the daycare facility with bruise, scratches, or injuries often is critical. Seek an explanation from care providers regarding the injuries your child is sustaining from time to time, and if they cannot convince you, find another option where your child will be safe.

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Emotional Disconnect

There is a closeness that every parent should enjoy with their child. Any emotional detachment with your children, especially in the early stages of their development, should be a cause of alarm on your part. Children are always free to discuss anything and eager to share stories about their day at the daycare center when they return home.

Most parents, on the other hand, cannot wait to share light moments with their children when they pick them from the daycare facility at the end of the day. It is quite unfortunate to realize that you cannot connect with your children as before when they are suffering mistreatment at a daycare center.

What to Do About It

Your child’s usual demeanor does not just change, and they do not become withdrawn out of the blues. Also, note that abuse and neglect have long-term effects on the mood and emotional health of your children. If your child is appearing withdrawn in the recent past, seek to understand what is happening behind your back at the daycare facility where you leave them.

A daycare center that does not mind the emotional wellbeing of your child is not appropriate for them, and that is why you should consider a better option.

When to Seek Legal Advice Regarding Daycare Negligence

Once you are sure that your child is a victim of daycare negligence, you should seek an ideal alternative immediately. You should also opt for a medical checkup for your child where necessary, and after that, contact a competent attorney soonest. The attorney should investigate the situation to establish the facts and find out whether the specific daycare center is compliant with the law. Finding the best daycare injury lawyer for your child should be a top priority!

You will also access guidance regarding your legal options so you can recover compensation from the daycare facility in question.


Your child deserves the best, including legal action, in case they are victims of daycare negligence.