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Understanding Structured Settlements: A Comprehensive Guide


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Structured settlements are a financial arrangement becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They often provide long-term financial stability for individuals who have received a large sum, such as from a personal injury lawsuit or lottery winnings. This comprehensive guide will explain structured settlements, how they work, and the benefits and drawbacks of this type of financial arrangement.

Understanding Structured Settlements

What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial arrangement in which a person purchases an annuity and receives a series of payments over a set period rather than a lump sum payment. These payments are typically funded by an annuity, an insurance product providing a guaranteed income stream. The payments are often tax-free and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual receiving them.

How Do Structured Settlements Work?

Structured settlements are typically created through negotiation between the parties involved in a legal case. For example, if someone is injured in a car accident and receives a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, they may receive the settlement as a structured settlement rather than a lump sum. The structured settlement terms, including the amount and frequency of payments, are agreed upon by the parties and set up through an annuity.

Benefits of an Annuity

One of the main benefits of structured settlements is the guaranteed stream of income they provide. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may not have the financial knowledge or discipline to manage a large sum of money independently.

Structured settlements are often tax-free, providing a significant financial advantage over lump sum payments. They also offer flexibility in payment options, allowing individuals to customize their payments to meet their needs.

Drawbacks of Annuities in Settlements

While structured settlements offer many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is the lack of flexibility. Once a structured settlement is set up, it cannot be changed or accessed early, even in the case of an emergency.

This can disadvantage individuals who may need more money in the short term. Additionally, the payments from a structured settlement may not keep up with inflation, meaning the payments’ purchasing power may decrease over time.

Circumstances to Consider an Annuity

Here are a few situations where an annuity is recommended for a personal injury settlement.

A Settlement for a Child

In Texas, courts go to great lengths to protect children’s rights. One of the ways to protect settlement money after a child is injured for money that belongs to a minor is to purchase an annuity for the child to pay out at periods after they turn 18. The annuity will have a higher rate of return than putting the money in the court registry.

Large Settlements

Annuities are often used when the settlement amounts are large or when the injured party is not a seasoned investor. The structure provides comfort and even lifetime benefits that can provide peace of mind for the injured person.

Annuities Serve a Valuable Purpose in Many Settlements

Structured settlements can be a valuable financial tool for individuals who have received a large sum of money and want to ensure long-term financial stability. They offer a guaranteed income stream, tax advantages, and flexibility in payment options.

However, annuities also have drawbacks, such as flexibility and potential inflation concerns. It is important to carefully consider all factors before deciding if a structured settlement is the right choice for you.

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