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The Preeminent rated Texas attorneys at the Baumgartner Law Firm have been representing seriously injured Texans for over 35 years. We have substantial experience in helping victims of boat accidents. Whether the injury happened with the pleasure boat, Jet Ski or personal watercraft or commercial vessel, we understand complications of boat accident litigation and how to maximize personal injury recoveries.

The vast majority of Texas boating accidents are caused by negligence.

Texas is a boater’s paradise with the most square miles of inland lakes of any state in the union. Additionally, our coastline provides many more recreational opportunities for Texas boaters.

Victims of boat accidents often have legal rights and options and we offer a no-obligation consultation to answer questions and concerns after a boating accident.

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How Can Our Boat Accident Attorneys Help?

Initial investigations after a boat accident are a very important step to help preserve your rights and options. While the Parks and Wildlife Department generally investigates serious injury or wrongful death boat crashes, it’s important to have your own team analyze the cause of the accident.

According to Section 31.104 of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code and operator after a boat after an accident is required to:

Additionally, a boat accident must be reported to the department within 30 days after the boat accident with appropriate information. If the boat accident results in the death the incident must be reported within 48 hours.

Rules That Apply To Boating

Often, boat accidents are caused by inexperienced operators. Mandatory boat operator education is required for anyone who was born after September 1, 1993, to operate a personal watercraft and certain motorboats.

Children younger than 13 years of age must wear a life jacket while in the boat that is less than 26 feet in length.

Right-of-way and other rules apply to boat accidents as they do to car accidents in the state of Texas.

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Boat Accident Statistics in Texas

Since Southeast Texas is not the only host to the Gulf of Mexico but is also home to many other waterways, it is no surprise that boating has become a favorite past time. This outdoor activity not only allows one to enjoy the fresh air and Texas’ waterways, but it also allows one to relax. However, many times this relaxation and enjoyment of the water can lead to very serious consequences. According to the Coast Guard, in one year alone, there were an estimated 4,062 accidents that involved 560 deaths. Further, of this group, there were approximately 2,620 injuries, which then resulted in an estimated $39 million of damages as a direct result of recreational boating accidents.

Moreover, the research also indicates that, when it came to recreational vessels that are registered, the fatality rate was 4.7 deaths per 100,000 individuals.

Despite the slight decrease in boating accident deaths recently, one should still keep in mind the underlining facts of the issue.

Boating Accident Facts

As one can glean from the above information, there are many viable ways that accidents and fatalities related to recreational boating activities can be lessened. For instance, one of the most substantial preventive techniques that can be utilized is to ensure proper training of the operator and to obey all state, federal, and local laws. It is equally essential to ensure that life jackets are a staple when boating and should always be on board to prevent accidental drowning and other incidents.

For more Texas boat accident statistics click here.

Reporting A Boat Accident

Boating accidents may occur with any type of vessel including motorboats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, sailboats, and any other vessels. An accident is an event or series of events that cause property damage, injury, or death. The U.S. Coast Guard lists some of the most common types of accidents as:

The U.S. Coast Guard indicates that most boating accidents involve some level of negligence. Federal law requires the boat operator to report a boating accident any time the accident results in a personal injury, fatality, damage to property of more than $2,000, when a boat is destroyed, and when a person aboard a vessel goes missing. and types

One of the biggest problems in the state of Texas is people getting behind the wheel of the boat who are inexperienced in its safe operation when the Texas legislature required training, the fact remains that people operating boats without proper training cause a good number of accidents.

Enforcement of Boating Laws in Texas

The Texas Game Wardens provides professional water law enforcement, search and rescue and water safety in coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard recognized national standards. The Texas Game Wardens are part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Law Enforcement Division and are commonly referred to as the ‘Texas Navy.’ They are tasked with the enforcement of the Texas Water Safety Act which includes a number of requirements and rules that boaters must follow.

Boating accidents can also include jet skis and happen all the time in places like Lake Conroe.

If you have lost a family member, or have a loved one severely injured in a boating or Jet Ski accident, call us to talk about your rights and options. We charge nothing for an initial case consultation.

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Potential causes and types of boat accidents:

One of the biggest problems in the state of Texas is people getting behind the wheel of the boat who are inexperienced in its safe operation. Even with the Texas legislature requiring training, the fact remains that people operating boats without proper training cause a good number of accidents.

We help boat accident victims.



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