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Lake Conroe the Deadliest Lake in Texas

Update 2022Lake Conroe had 6 drownings in 2021. Many of the victims were not wearing life jackets.

While no one can doubt its serenity, most people don’t know that Lake Conroe, which covers approximately 21,000 acres, is now considered the deadliest lake in Texas. According to KBTX, four boating-related have already occurred this year, making this lake the deadliest in Texas since 2000.

Lake Conroe Boat Accidents
Deadly Lake

Looking at the years 2000 until 2015, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has showcased that 22 individuals have died. The number of deaths on Lake Conroe continues to pile up, many due to boat crashes.

The next of the deadliest lakes in Texas are Lake Travis, which is northwest of Austin, and Lake Lewisville, in the Dallas area, which combine to have 17 boating-related deaths since 2000. Fourth is Lake Palestine, in East Texas, with 16 overall deaths.

Overall, since 2000 the state of Texas has seen approximately 53 boating fatalities; of those, 21 individuals were killed in 2014. As the above information shows, there have been substantial fatalities in many Texas lakes, but a notable concentration in Lake Conroe. Drowning has been the leading cause of death on Lake Conroe.

While it is imperative to keep in mind safety measures at each of these lakes, special consideration should be made for this lake in particular.

The report also indicates that these figures represent a rise in the overall wrongful deaths, even though there has also been an increased number of law enforcement on-site and resources surrounding boat education. However, the report does indicate that many of the boat accidents involved alcohol or a DWI accident.

Montgomery County Taking Action

Montgomery County is ramping up its patrol efforts to combat the issues of boating-related deaths in the area. The endorsement of floating patrols has increased on Lake Conroe. Boats are checked for compliance with regulations and safety equipment. Also, many arrests happen every summer when people operate the boat while drinking.

Negligence on the Water

To this extent, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, approximately 70% of all boating accident deaths could have been prevented if the proper life-saving equipment, such as those mentioned previously, had been on board.

With the spring and summer months upon us, patrol units and law enforcement predict a higher boating rate. While this activity is a favorite pastime of many, it is equally imperative to consider the safety measures that should be put into place to combat the title of the deadliest lake in Texas.

However, many recent deaths have resulted from negligence by an operator of a boat for such things as failing to keep a proper lookout or yield the right of way on a boat or jet ski.

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