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Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Texas

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The Texas Department of Transportation indicates in the latest statistics that there were 4,481 motor vehicle related deaths in 2022. That is one person dying every 2 hours in the Lone Star State.

Fatal accidents on roads and highways continue to be a pressing concern for public safety across the United States. Texas, the second-largest state by population and land area, faces its share of tragic incidents. Our car accident lawyer in Houston covers the most recent fatal accident statistics in Texas, shedding light on the magnitude of the problem.

By understanding these statistics, we can identify the areas that require increased attention and work toward implementing effective measures to reduce fatalities on Texas roads.

A Growing Number of Fatalities in Texas

While the fatal car accident numbers are down from 2021, the trend in Texas and Houston of fatal car crashes is up.

Texas also has alarming truck accident statistics.

Factors Contributing to Fatal Accidents

Leading causes of fatal car accidents in Texas

a) Speeding:

Speeding remains a significant factor in fatal accidents in Texas. Approximately 25% of the fatalities occurred in crashes where speeding was a contributing factor. This emphasizes the importance of adhering to speed limits and promoting responsible driving habits.

b) Alcohol-Impaired Driving:

Another concerning factor is alcohol-impaired driving. Fatalities were attributed to crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers. Efforts to combat drunk driving through education, enforcement, and public awareness campaigns are crucial to reducing these tragic incidents. Under the influence was Texas’s second highest cause of wrongful death accidents.

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c) Distracted Driving or Driver in Attention:

The rise of smartphones and other technological distractions has also contributed to fatal accidents. In Texas, distracted driving claimed the lives of many people each year.

Educating drivers about the dangers of using electronic devices while driving and enforcing strict laws against distracted driving are essential to curbing this trend.

Vulnerable Road Users

Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable on Texas roads. The dangers of riding a motorcycle in Houston are well known. In 2019, pedestrian fatalities accounted for about 8% of all traffic deaths, while motorcycle fatalities reached about 4%. Cyclist fatalities also registered a worrying increase in recent years. Enhancing infrastructure, promoting awareness, and implementing comprehensive safety measures for these road users are crucial to reducing these tragic incidents.

The Top Texas Counties for Fatal Accident Crashes

Harris County leads Texas in fatal motor vehicle crashes with 42%. Followed by Dallas County with 19%, Bexar with 18%, Tarrant County with 12%, and Travis County with 7%.

Top 5 Counties in Texas with the most fatal car accidents

Texas Has a Problem With Car Accidents

Texas DOT motor vehicle traffic deaths statistics

The fatal accident statistics in Texas highlight the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address road safety. By tackling the contributing factors such as speeding, alcohol-impaired driving, and distracted driving and prioritizing the safety of vulnerable road users. We can work towards reducing fatalities and creating safer roads in Lone Star State.

Houston has the most car accidents in the state.

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One of the most alarming statistics in Texas is that 26% of the total number of people killed in a car accident involved a driver under the influence. Drunk driving had a marked increase in Texas.

Motorcycle accidents account for a significant number of deaths in Texas each year.

Over 700 people were killed in accidents at an intersection.

Over one-half of all the fatal car accidents that happened in Texas happened in rural areas.

There were over 12,000 serious injury car accidents in Texas in one year. With almost 15,000 people being severely injured.

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