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Tips for Choosing an Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Selecting an auto accident injury attorney is not as complex as some would have you believe. Many sources of referral exist to aid your effort in locating a reputable incompetent auto accident attorney.

6 Steps to Choosing an Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Some tips to help your evaluation of auto accident injury lawyers. First, look for a firm that does not have a huge volume practice. If you are a case number and not an individual, chances are your experience will not be that much fun.

Secondlook for experience. A law firm that has a track record speaks volumes in how the attorney has handled other cases. Each case is unique and you cannot gauge past results to future cases, but a track record is probably the best indicator of attorney competence.

Third, after you have spoken with the attorney of your choosing, is he or she someone that you relate to add can be open and candid with? If so you may have found a good fit, if not it may be best to keep looking.

Fourth, does the attorney handle other areas of the law like divorces or criminal matters? If so, you may be better off looking to an attorney who handles nothing but injury cases.

Look at the law firm’s results page to get a real idea of the kinds of cases they handle.

Fifth, many law firms have you talk with the senior attorney but your case is actually handled by a young inexperienced associate. Always ask who will actually be doing the work and taking the depositions if your firm handles the case. If you get anything but “me”, you may want to consider another option.

Finally, seek someone who believes in your case and also someone that you feel will tell you like it is and not necessarily what you want hear. Be very wary of an attorney who promises you a big number and look at that lawyer’s track record in similar cases.

All clients should be aware that solicitation of cases is illegal and an attorney should not contact you without you requesting that lawyer to contact you. If a lawyer or someone is seeking to line you up with a lawyer, has approached you, contact the State Bar of Texas.

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Greg Baumgartner

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Greg Baumgartner has practiced personal injury law since 1984. He holds not one but two law degrees and is a graduate of Trial Lawyers College. He is licensed in Texas and Colorado. Mr. Baumgartner has earned a reputation for exemplary results for his clients. And has been preeminent rated for decades and recognized by Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Expertise, Newsweek, Houstonia magazine, and many others. He has given educational talks to lawyers and many media interviews regarding personal injury cases.