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Tips After an Auto Accident Injury

You have been hurt in a car accident, and the other persons insurance company is on the phone- what do you need to know?

What You Need to Know

First, you need to understand that the insurance adjuster is on the other side and wants to pay you as little as possible. Do not trust that the adjuster has your interests at heart-they don’t.

Second, what you say truly can hurt you. It is important to be truthful, with the insurance adjuster and it is best to talk with a car injury claims attorney prior to giving any recorded statement. Many adjusters will tell the victim they can not adjust the claim without a statement- generally, this is not true, especially when liability can be established by witnesses.

Third, follow up with your doctors and heed their treatment advice. Large lapses in treatment or failure to get treatment will result in the insurance company discounting your claim.

Forth, get photographs of the automobile accident site, the damaged part of your car, the other person’s car and any visible injuries.

Fifth, keep all paperwork, witness names and numbers, the officers name and case number and of course the insurance information of the other driver.

Sixth, realize that your own auto insurance policy may provide benefits to you independent of the at fault drivers insurance in car accident injury claim. This includes Med Pay or PIP to help with your medical bills etc.; You pay for it- if you have it, use it.

Seventh, just because, you were released from the emergency room does not mean you are going to be fine. Emergency rooms are designed for emergencies, not ongoing treatment and x-rays do not show some common serious spinal cord injury like herniated discs only a Ct scan or MRI will disclose a bulge or herniated disc. If you still are having issues go to a doctor of your choosing.

Eighth, never ever contemplate settling your auto accident injury claim until you have been released from your doctor and feel fine, or you have a good handle on what the future will be medically.

Ninth, unless your case is one where the insurance company has big exposure-(a drunk driver hits you, you had to have surgery from the accident and have big bills, you were hit by an 18 wheeler that was at fault in a major wreck) your file will be just another claim among thousands in the computer to the adjuster. Adjusters have hundreds of open files, call them do not wait for a return call if you want action.

Tenth, if you have been seriously injured, speak with or get help from one of the best car accident injury claim lawyers in your area.