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Every year in the United States, nearly 1,000 people are killed by contact with an electrical source resulting in electrocution. Additionally, more than 3,000 people in the U.S. suffer serious burns each year.

Electrical injuries are a common occurrence on many construction sites. They might be the result of dangerous or defective products, and in other cases may be a case of premises liability. Some electrical injuries are unrelated to work and occur outside of the workplace.

It is important that an early investigation takes place after an electrical injury or electrocution by an experienced electrical injury lawyer to determine the cause of the accident before critical evidence disappears or is altered. In the event of an injury, you should seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Potential Causes and Types of Electrical Accidents:

If the injury occurs at work, the case may be a workers’ compensation case, and the worker may obtain compensation to pay for medical treatment as well as partial lost wages.

If a third party caused the work-related electrical injury, then the injured worker may pursue a lawsuit against that third party to recover further damages. This may be the case on construction sites where another contractor may install wiring negligently that causes injury to a worker employed by another contractor. Construction site accidents may involve injuries stemming from defective equipment.

Of course, electrical injuries may not be work-related. If that’s the case, like a third-party lawsuit mentioned above, injured parties may pursue a lawsuit against the liable party, whether it is a product manufacturer, property owner or other parties whose negligence led to the injury.

Proving Your Case with Proper Evidence

Expert witnesses are usually required in the types of electrocution or electrical injury cases mentioned above. It is critical that the victim or the victim’s family retains an injury attorney as early as possible following the accident. Particularly in the case of product liability, the equipment involved in the accident should be preserved for expert witness examination and evaluation.

Other types of evidence you may use to establish liability for your injuries and prove the effects of your injuries and related damages may include eyewitness testimony, medical reports, evidence of lost wages, and more. Be sure to speak with an attorney if you’re pursuing a case whether it’s work-related or not.

We have helped many Texas families after an electrical injury or death. Our firm has won lawsuits involving, property owners, general and subcontractors, and even product manufacturers. Some of our successes involved fatal accidents and a Texas wrongful death lawsuit. Other wins were filed after a construction accident for negligence.

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In the event of any electrical accident, seek the advice of an expert electrical injury attorney familiar with Texas law. There are many complications that arise during these cases, and a lawyer will have the necessary experience to deal with all the specifics of your case.

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