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Can I Fire My Personal Injury Attorney


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We receive calls frequently from personal injury victims seeking to change attorneys for one reason or another. About 99% of the time, the problem involves communication gaps between the personal injury attorney and the client.

Contingent Fees

Attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning they are not paid for their time until the case is over.

And then only if they win the case or recover money for their client are they paid. In the meantime, the attorney or the law firm will have spent time on a case and case expenses out of their own pocket. The best approach is to ensure you hire the right lawyer first.

In Texas, a Client May Fire Their Lawyer at Any Time.

But when an accident victim fires their contingency fee lawyer, they may owe the lawyer money. If the lawyer is fired “for cause,” the client may not owe contingent fees if they collect through another lawyer or settle on their own. However, the old lawyer may still claim the legal concept of quantum meruit.

If the attorney is fired for any other reason or something found not “for cause,” a fee may be due when money changes hands, even if the old lawyer was not responsible for the settlement. Thus when working on a contingent fee basis, a personal injury law firm has some pay protection if fired without a compelling reason.

How Defense Attorneys Get Paid

On the other hand, defense attorneys are paid by the hour for each hour they spend on the file at a rate set between them and their clients. A 15-minute phone call – no problem, that’ll be 100 bucks. Send a letter with an update to the client- no problem, that’ll be $200 – you get the idea.

Advice We Give to Those Seeking to Fire Their Lawyer

So when a personal injury victim calls our office seeking to change attorneys, our advice is always the same: sit down and have a candid discussion with your attorney before you do anything else. The only exception to this advice is if their current attorney committed some act that justified firing, and the relationship is irreparable.

The State Bar of Texas indicates that clients may fire their attorneys at any time. This does not mean that the client will not owe the attorney either under the fee agreement or based on the work that the attorney did on the file.

If a client has a good reason or “just cause” for firing the attorney, the client would probably owe case expenses advanced by the attorney and still may owe for work done on the file on an hourly basis or a percentage of the contingency fee.

A Fired Contingent Fee Lawyer Will Likely Retain an Interest

In short, should the attorney “retain an interest” in the case they worked on for the client- by firing a lawyer, the client may ultimately end up owing that attorney for work done on the file at the minimum.

Additionally, if the client hires another lawyer, the client potentially could be on the hook for two separate legal fees.

Cases Take Longer Than Clients Expect

The biggest problem we frequently see when personal injury victims call our office seeking to change lawyers is that clients have not been fully informed about how long some personal injury claims may take.

One unintended consequence of “tort reform” is that more and more lawsuits are required for cases with legal merit.

Tort Reform Made Litigation More Likely in Texas

This is because while tort reform limited Texas families’ rights when making a personal injury claim, Texas did not address insurance reform and abusive claims handling practices by insurance companies.

By failing to provide for insurance reform at the same time as tort reform, the Texas legislature ensures that insurance companies are dealing from a position of strength when attempting to dictate to Texas families who have been inadvertently injured through no fault of their own.

Consumers in Texas may want to contact their state representative and tell them they want insurance reform for Texas. This would include requiring insurance carriers to spend a set percentage of dollars collected from Texas families on actual Texas claims.

Such reform ensures fair claims handling practices and reduces the insurance premiums for Texas consumers.

Insurance Company Tactics are Outside Your Lawyer’s Control

Lawyers who handle personal injury cases do not control insurance companies’ tactics, leading to much frustration for personal injury victims.

Litigation and lawsuits take time and effort, and sometimes, reasonable quick settlements are not possible, regardless of who is representing the victim.

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