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What Should I do After a Swimming Pool Drowning or Near Drowning Accident?


Hot summers are the time when families and kids enjoy outdoor activities. One of the most popular ways to relax, have fun, and cool off is by swimming. A swimming pool is a great way to take pleasure in your outdoor space, but it can be dangerous. Particularly, young children can wander into a pool and can drown within minutes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, accidental drowning is the top cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. It only takes a few minutes underwater to lose consciousness. Young kids are most at risk for drowning, but it can happen to anyone.

Public and Private Pool Safety

Pool safety in TexasWhen you visit a public pool or a water park, you expect that the facility is safe for operation. Houston law requires annual pool inspections for all semi-public pools. According to the Houston Health Department, Houston inspects approximately 3,800 pools each year. About a third of pools they inspect have some type of violation. Pool chemical imbalance and inadequate fencing or gates are among the most common violations reported. Pool owners or operators must ensure the safety of guests. They should have trained lifeguards to provide immediate assistance in case a person is struggling in the water. Fast action can save lives in the pool.

Many kids and adults swim in private pools. While those pools are not subject to regular inspections, the owners still have an obligation to ensure the safety of others. They should make sure that the pool is not accessible unless the owner is present. Kids should not swim alone, and parents should always watch children whenever they are swimming. In addition, young children should not be allowed near the pool, and on above-ground pools, the ladder should be removed when the pool is not in use.

Preventing Pool Drowning

There are some things parents can do to prevent children from drowning. Never allow kids to swim alone. If you are hosting or attending a swim party, designate a responsible adult to watch the pool at all times. Young kids can wander near the pool and fall in accidentally. Keep your eye on small children. Provide swimming lessons for children of all ages to increase their safety in the water. Make sure the pool area has an adequate fence and locking gate to keep kids out at times when the pool is not open or supervised. Learn CPR so you can immediately provide medical care if necessary. Have a plan in place so that you can contact paramedics as quickly as possible if an accident occurs.

Talk With An Attorney

Pool drowning and near-drowning are terrifying events. If a pool owner or operator was negligent and caused the accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call our drowning accident lawyers for a no-obligation consultation.  If your loved one was the victim of a pool accident, you do not want to delay.

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