How Long Do Wrongful Death Lawsuits Take?

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How long the wrongful death case takes in Houston, Texas depends on several factors. A Wrongful death claim in Houston can take from one to three years (excluding appeals). Our law firm has been winning huge settlements for Texas families for over three decades. Call for a Free Consultation- (281) 587-1111.

Factors influencing the time required


Most wrongful death cases start in litigation unless the insurance coverage is inadequate. Lawsuits are filed because the damages are significant. If minor children are left behind, a lawsuit will be filed even if the case can settle to ensure fairness to the minor. An investigation is always the first step after the loss of a loved one. The nature of the investigation will depend on what caused the death. For example, if the loss stemmed from an 18-wheeler accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer may hire experts to inspect the vehicles and analyze the company and driver.


One of the most significant considerations for how long a case takes is the response from the defendant regarding a settlement. Many cases settle at mediation or after mediation but before trial.

Mediation usually is conducted after discovery has been completed, and all parties know the other’s positions. Discovery meaning written answers to questions, producing documents to the other side, and depositions of witnesses, family members, and defendants.

Trial preparation is time-consuming

Because the damages are significant with losing a family member, the preparation for the trial is always more detailed. Insurance companies want to explore every avenue of escape before parting with substantial sums of money. The family also wants to develop their case through their attorneys to be prepared for a lengthy trial. Wrongful death lawsuit in Texas

There is a saying, “the best way to settle your case is to be ready for trial”.

Houston’s backlog of civil cases

Another factor is the backlog of cases that Houston judges face. Harris County judges have worked hard and tirelessly to move their caseload but have been hampered through shutdowns of parking facilities due to flooding and recently from the virus.

The backlog is like standing in line to have your day in court. If the line is not moving, there’s not much you can do to get a trial until those in front of you move.

Choosing the right attorney

Call the Baumgartner Law Firm for a no-obligation consultation on your rights, options, and next steps. We have been helping Texas families after the loss of a loved one for over three decades. Getting a preeminent rated wrongful death attorney is a vital first step to protect your financial future. We have been winning huge wrongful death cases for Texas families for over three decades. Call us for a no-obligation consultation- (281) 587-1111!

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