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What Causes Wrong-Way Accidents?

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Wrong-way accidents occur with some frequency. In the past month, two wrong-way crashes occurred in the Houston area that resulted in two deaths. Last week, an off-duty Houston police officer was going the wrong way on Interstate 10 near Sealy when her car slammed into a big rig. The police were investigating why the police officer was traveling the wrong way when she died. In another incident, a wrong-way driver hit two vehicles on I-45 north of Houston. The crash resulted in a man’s death, and the driver is facing intoxication manslaughter charges.


Wrong-Way Accidents Result in Serious Crashes


When a driver enters a highway in the wrong direction, he may be traveling at the speed limit. The driver thinks he is going in the correct direction, so he is likely driving in the right lane. Wrong-way crashes are head-on accidents that happen quickly and at high speeds.


Unfortunately, many of these crashes result in severe injuries or fatalities. Some injuries include back and neck trauma, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and internal injuries. When a victim survives, he likely faces a long and expensive road of medical treatment and rehabilitative care.


In many of these instances, the driver is intoxicated or fatigued and enters the highway late at night when there is little traffic. The driver does not realize that he is traveling in the wrong direction until an accident occurs. The wrong-way driver is negligent for driving the wrong direction on the road. If you are hurt in a wrong-way crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our experienced Houston accident attorneys to discuss the details of your case.

What can be Done to Prevent Wrong-Way Crashes?


Wrong-way accidents can be prevented. There are steps the Texas Department of Transportation has taken to reduce the incidence of drivers entering the roadway in the wrong direction. Signs are posted at the entrance and exit points to warn drivers they are going the wrong way. TxDOT installed a warning system in some areas where wrong-way drivers are more common.


The system alerts police that a driver has entered the highway going the wrong direction. So far, the system is installed only on short, vulnerable stretches of the roads. These systems are expensive, and therefore they have not installed them everywhere.


Drivers can prevent wrong-way car accidents by not getting behind the wheel when intoxicated or tired. If you see a driver traveling in the wrong direction, call 911 immediately. The police will try to locate and stop the driver before an accident can occur. Additional signage or lights may be installed to alert drivers they are entering a highway in the wrong direction.


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