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Tip-Over Furniture Accidents: Who is to Blame?


When we purchase furniture and television sets, we do not expect them to cause any type of injury. Unfortunately, tip-over accidents are a common cause of injuries, particularly to children. Children love to explore and climb, even in the house.

When they see a dresser with knobs or a television set on a stand, they are naturally inclined to climb. Climbing or pulling on furniture and television sets can cause them to topple over. Sadly, many children are injured and even killed when furniture tips over on top of them.

About Tip-Over Accidents and Children

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) finds that tip-over accidents account for about 25,000 children’s injuries annually. According to reports, children under the age of 9 are most at risk for tip-over accidents. Not surprisingly, toddlers ages 1 to 2 years old account for the most injuries.

Television topples are of great concern because they are often not secured to the wall or stand. Although most television sets today have flat screens, they are still large and heavy.

Where Tip-Over Accidents Occur

Almost half of all tip-over accidents occur in the bedroom, while about one-quarter happen in the living room. About 34% of tip-over accidents happen as a result of children climbing on the furniture.

Some accidents happen when children pull, hit, or kick the furniture or television stand. Furniture such as television sets and dressers should be fastened to the wall to support them and prevent them from falling forward. Drawers should only be opened one at a time to keep the furniture from tipping.

Televisions must be secured to the wall or television stand. the stand itself should be secured to the wall to prevent movement.

Who is Responsible for Tip-Over Accidents?

When a young child is hurt or killed by a falling dresser or television, the manufacturer of the furniture or television may be responsible, if the product was defective. The defect could be a design flaw or a manufacturing error.

If the accident occurred in a hotel or in a furnished rental property, the owners or management may be responsible for improperly securing furniture and televisions.

Tip-Over Accidents at Daycare

If the accident happened at a daycare center in Houston, call us for a consultation! Our top-rated daycare injury lawyers have been helping families after a daycare injury for more than thirty years. 

If the child is hurt at a childcare facility or daycare provider, the owner or manager might be held accountable due to negligence. Facilities such as these are required to take steps to prevent accidents and they must provide a safe environment for children. If a television or piece of furniture falls on a child, the daycare center may be responsible because they failed to keep their facility safe and they did not provide adequate supervision.

Speak to an Experienced Daycare Injury Lawyer 

If your child was injured in a tip-over accident the negligent party may be responsible for damages. You may be owed money for your child’s medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering. If the child sustained any long-term disabilities they should receive additional compensation.

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