Texas Drivers do not Rank Well in Driving Report

Written by Greg on June 20, 2017



A report about Texas drivers reveals that motorists in the Lone Star State do not rank well when it comes to safe driving. Although not at the bottom of the list when it comes to safe driving, Texas drivers are nowhere near the top of the list.


Phone Use


Phone use while driving is the most significant reason why Texas motorists are not getting high marks when it comes to safety. 40% of Texas drivers use their mobile devices while operating a car.


Although this score is high, it actually is the average rank across the United States. Drivers across the country are failing overall when it comes to using mobile devices while driving.




Speeding is another reason why Texas gets hit when it comes to safe driving statistics. 33% of Texas drivers speed regularity. This rate is notably higher than the national average. The incidence of speeding in Texas is a key reason why Texas drivers are ranked so poorly when it comes to motoring safety.


Improper Breaking


Improper breaking is another issue when it comes to driving safety in Texas. On average 33% of Texas drivers frequently engage in improper breaking. This includes slamming on the breaks, a maneuver that enhances the possibility of an accident.


Improper Turning


Texas drivers actually fare better when it comes to improper turning. 15% of Texas drivers engage in improper turning with regularity. This includes failing to properly signal as well as turning from an improper lane of traffic. Another improper turning issue involves turning at too high a rate of speed.




Acceleration is another reason why Texas drivers have a lower score for safe driving. The reality is that most people do not think off acceleration as a safety issue. 18% of Texas drivers engage in improper acceleration. This usually involves going from a dead stop to a higher rate of speed in a reckless manner. It also includes improper acceleration while passing.


Reckless Drivers in Texas


A key factor associated with reckless driving in Texas is found in the fact that oftentimes an unsafe driver engages in more than one of these dangerous practices. For example, a driver may regularly talk on the phone and speed. Not only do many drivers engage in more than one of these dangerous practices, some do so at the same time.




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