Nerve Damage After An Accident

Written by Greg on November 18, 2012

The human body is the most complicated and wondrous ‘machine’ on the earth. Comprised of a number of systems all working in tandem – perhaps the most fascinating is the nervous system.

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The nervous system is “a network of cells that process and transmit information that will cause reactions in the body parts”. There are two separate parts: the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord; and the peripheral nervous system consisting of all the other neurons in the body”.

Damage to the nervous system can have an almost infinite number of disastrous and challenging reactions for the individual – many of which the victim will not ever recover from. Nerves are fragile. They can be damaged by pressure, stretching, or cutting.

When this happens it may prevent signals from traveling to and from the brain – which then causes muscles to stop working properly and perhaps even a partial or total loss of feeling in the injured area.

Surgery and therapy are the two medical options available to a person who has suffered a nerve injury. In some cases the brain can be “re-educated” so that a person can return to a certain level of normal nerve response. But there are multiple factors that affect nerve damage recovery including such things as age, the type of wound and nerve, and location of the injury.

Surprisingly, even though nerve injuries may create lasting problems for a patient, care by a neurologist or other physician and proper therapy help two out of three patients return to more normal use for some types of injuries.

Consult with a neurologist or other physician regarding your own recovery possibilities if you have been the victim of nerve damage.

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