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Lawyer For An Accident On US 290


It is unbelievable how many accidents happen on US 290 between Austin and Houston Texas. While the highway is only 261 miles in length, each year many people die and hundreds or injured in car and truck crashes on US 290.

attorney for accident on 290

The accident statistics are even graver when portions of the highway are under construction. Traffic congestion is also a factor when considering the danger of the roadway.

There are stretches in the highway that have more than two lanes. However, the majority of the US 290 highway is two lanes in each direction not separated by a median.


Why US 290 Has So Many Crashes

In miles per crash, US 290 ranks right up there with the leading accident highways I-45 and Interstate 10. Texas crash statistics show US 290 to be one of the deadliest roads in Texas.

Traffic congestion is always a factor in highway crash statistics — the more motorists on the roadway the higher the chance of an accident.

While several stretches of US 290 are being widened to accommodate more traffic, the projects are slow and insufficient to keep up with the growing population in Texas.

Construction on 290

Lack of a divided highway for much of the US 290 roadway is also a factor for increased crashes and even more fatal crashes. US highways in Texas have over three times more fatal accidents than interstate highways in Texas.

What You Should Do After an Accident on US 290

The first thing to do after an injury accident is to make sure you are not an accident victim twice. Get yourself in a safe location if possible. Seek appropriate medical care for those hurt.

Take photos or video with your smartphone of the resting positions of the involved vehicles and seek out the names and contact information of any witnesses (do not assume the police will do this for you).

Have your vehicle towed to the location of your choice if it is repairable. Contact your own insurance company to report the crash and learn if you have benefits such as rental car coverage or PIP for medical bills.

If you or a family member are injured to the extent follow-up treatment is necessary, contact a local attorney who only handles personal injury claims. The earlier you get an attorney on your side the more effective they can be for you.

How to Accident Lawyers Get Paid

Generally, Houston personal injury attorneys will accept cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney will only be paid if they recover money for the victim. There are no upfront costs or expenses owed to the law firm for accepting the case. Anyone who is hiring a personal injury attorney should carefully read the fee agreement and make sure they understand how the contingency fees are calculated and what expenses will be reimbursed.

Frequently, personal injury victims will attempt to handle the case on their own and the vast majority of the time either end up with an insulting offer or settle for a fraction of the value of the case. A person handling the personal injury case on their own lacks the incentive for the insurance company to be fair. Without an attorney, the threat of litigation by an unrepresented claimant is toothless.

Why Hire a Local Injury Lawyer

We always recommend that victims hire a local attorney to handle their injury claim. If you live out of state and hire an out-of-state attorney for a crash that occurred in Texas, that attorney has no leverage for the insurance carrier to be fair. The insurance company knows the out-of-state counsel will not likely file suit and will need to refer the case to a local attorney.

When seeking out representation for an accident that occurred on US 290, it is essential that the personal injury victim do their due diligence and hire the appropriate lawyer first. If you hire the first person you talk to and they are not qualified or worse have too many cases to be able to work on yours properly, your claims process will be less than satisfactory.