Handling an Injury Claim Without A Lawyer-The One Question You Need To Ask The Adjuster

Written by greg on December 9, 2014


question for insurance adjuster

The one thing you must ask the adjuster!


One question that everyone who is contemplating handling their own car accident injury claim should ask the adverse adjuster is “how are you going to calculate my pain and suffering claim”?


Frequently folks call us several months after their car accident and are frustrated with their dealings with the adjuster. In a typical scenario, the adjuster indicated at some point that they were “accepting liability” and the people expected fair treatment from the adjuster. That is a huge mistake.


Many insurance companies now use a computer to determine damages, and the computer model they use takes into consideration such things as do you have a lawyer, is the lawyer any good, but what the computer model doesn’t include is much, if anything for pain and suffering.


So, as early on as you can when handling your own injury claim, once the adjuster has indicated they are accepting the claim ask specifically and demand an answer to the question:


How are you going to pay me for my pain and suffering?


The adjuster will not want to answer that question and probably will give you a runaround answer that does not even address the question. For most people, especially those with serious injuries this is a legitimate question that needs to be answered. If the adjuster can not answer the question, it is your indication that you need a qualified injury attorney.


If your car accident is minor and the injuries you sustained resolve quickly and are not that serious how you get paid for pain and suffering may not be a big deal.


For those with broken bones, disc problems, nerve damage, head injury or other serious injury how you are paid for pain and suffering is a significant question, and one, I predict the adjuster will not really ever answer.


There is a reason why the insurance company does not want you to hire an attorney!

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