Common Accidents Involving Children in Houston

Written by Greg on March 18, 2016

Common Child Accidents



One of the most helpless feelings in the world is that of a parent whose child has been injured by another. Wanting to help your child when there is little you can do other than get the best medical treatment available. The waiting and not knowing how bad they are hurt is a very tough situation to deal with. Keeping our children safe and healthy is the primary responsibility of parents.


Children can get injured in more ways that can be counted. What is difficult for many parents is when their children are unnecessarily injured through the neglect of a third party such as a daycare center or babysitter. Likewise, children injured in car accidents is a common occurrence in the greater Houston area.


Emergency rooms see a huge number of children each and every day. Across United States estimates are that over 9 million children are checked into an emergency room each year in the United States.


Some of the personal injury cases that we see on a frequent basis include the following:


* Injuries at Daycare Centers– when you entrust your children in the care of another you expect it they will supervise your children in such a manner where the child will not be injured. While the state of Texas regulates daycare centers, there is little doubt that struggles to be profitable impact the quality of supervision in many instances. A failure to adequately supervise a child at a daycare center is the number one cause of daycare accidents in the state of Texas.


* Car Wrecks– children are less likely to be injured in a car accident than adults. Having a highly rated car seat for infants and young children can help reduce the incidence of injury. Despite the best efforts of the parents, children are seriously injured every day in car accidents.


* Dangerous Products- children are especially susceptible to products what are dangerously designed. From hover boards to cribs, parents should check the CPSC for recalls – See


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