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Can I Trust the Adjuster with My Injury Claim?



Many of my clients who were injured in Houston car accidents have asked the same question- can I trust the adjuster?  The adjuster is at first very friendly, and frankly, the more serious the injury or liability factors (such as getting hit by a drunk driver or an 18-wheeler), the friendlier the adjuster will become.

The real truth is the insurance adjuster is your adversary, and if the adjuster pays you pennies on the dollar, he or she may receive bigger bonuses or promotions for saving the insurance company money. The individual adjuster you are dealing with most likely is an employee of the insurance company and has supervisors to answer to about what they paid.

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Watch out for Adjusters Tricks

When you are dealing with an insurance adjuster, watch out for the tricks of the trade.  Being friendly and nice is just part of the technique’s adjusters have been trained to use.   Watch how quickly things change when you start talking about money.  The friendly, nice adjuster suddenly turns into a hard-cold person.

Watch out for statements, as what you say will definitely be held against you.  I recommend that you do not give recorded statements. If you do give a recorded statement don’t volunteer any information, tell the truth, and don’t exaggerate your injuries, but don’t leave any injury out either. Consider speaking with the leading car accident lawyer nearby before talking with the adjuster.

With Serious Injury get Advice from a Reputable Injury Lawyer

If the accident was a serious one and you or a loved one has suffered, you should contact a personal injury attorney before you talk with any adjusters. The more money at stake, the more aggressive in tactics is the insurance company. Many times, in serious injury cases, the adjuster will “accept liability” and make promises to take care of you. Do not fall for it.

Accepting Responsibility Does Not Mean Fairness

One of the tricks of the trade is for the insurance company to acknowledge that they will be responsible for the claim early with the injured person and before the person has hired an attorney. This technique is used indirectly to discourage the hiring of a personal injury lawyer. With the adjuster telling you that they “accept responsibility”, the message they are trying to send is you don’t need a lawyer.

It is only after money is first discussed that the accident victim understands they have been duped. They really do need a lawyer and unfortunately, by delaying hiring a qualified attorney they may have damaged their claim.

The insurance company is trying to settle with you for as little as possible.  If your case is serious, you can do a lot of damage to the case by trusting the adjuster, only seeking legal help after you understand you have no leverage and the insurer’s true colors shown.

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