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The Difference Between Car Accidents and Big Truck Wrecks in Texas

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Difference between car and truck accidents

There are stark differences in handling personal injury claims stemming from car accidents or big rig crashes. Expertise in trucking accident lawsuits is always necessary for severe injuries or fatal crashes. Did you hurt in an accident with a semi or big rig? Find the best Houston truck accident attorneys near me for help!

Texas truck accident statistics show a problem with big rig crashes. The Lone Star state has more fatal truck wrecks than any other state, and Houston leads the state in truck accidents.

Truck Accident Expertise at Baumgartner Law Firm

You first need to seek medical attention when you’ve been injured in a collision. At Baumgartner Law Firm, we understand the differences between truck accidents and car wrecks and know how to handle both cases. Your health and safety are the top priority; we’ll take care of the legal details.

Our truck accident lawyer has over thirty-five years of experience and double law degrees. His first wrongful death truck accident win was in 1985. We have decades of experience working with clients injured in truck accidents and car wrecks, and we know how to build a solid case to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents vs. Car Wrecks

Truck accidents and car wrecks are two different types of collisions, and they require different approaches to legal representation. The main difference between the two is the size and weight of the vehicles involved and from a personal injury case perspective, the rules for truckers and trucking companies are comprehensive and can help to prove negligence in a truck crash case.

Size and Weight Differences

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while the average car weighs around 3,000 pounds. Truck accidents can be much more severe, resulting in more serious injuries and damage.

Federal Regulations of Truck Drivers

Truck accidents are often caused by factors such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, improper maintenance, and overloaded or improperly secured cargo. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can provide powerful evidence in a Houston truck accident lawsuit. For example, if hazardous material is being hauled, the safety rules are enhanced.

A deep knowledge of safety regulations and how to get the evidence needed to win the case is required for 18-wheeler crash litigation. Many truck accidents we investigated could have been prevented if the driver or company had followed the safety regulations.

On the other hand, car wrecks are typically caused by factors such as speeding, driver inexperience, drunk driving, and failure to obey traffic signals. Car wreck cases do not require special expertise from the law firm.

The Parties

In a truck accident case, multiple parties may be held liable for the accident, including the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck or its parts, the truck maintenance company, and the company responsible for loading the cargo.

In a car wreck case, the other vehicle’s driver is usually the only party who can be held liable. Although if driving a company car other considerations are often addressed.

The Severity of Injury in Semi-Truck Crashes

Car crashes and truck crashes can result in a wide range of injuries. Still, some differences in severity are worth noting.

Truck crashes tend to be more severe than car crashes due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. A typical tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while a passenger car weighs only a few thousand pounds.

The weight means that in a collision between a truck and a car, the car is likely to sustain more damage, and its occupants are more likely to be injured.

Truck crashes also tend to be more deadly than car crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over 4,965 deaths due to crashes involving large trucks in 2020, with 146,930 people injured in a commercial vehicle crash.

Truck accident injury cases are valued higher than car-to-car crashes.

Factors That Contribute to the Severity of Injuries

– Greater impact force

A truck’s weight and speed can generate a much greater force in a collision than a car, leading to more severe injuries. A crash with a tractor-trailer can be serious even at lower than highway speeds.

– Higher risk of rollover

Trucks have a higher center of gravity than cars, making them more prone to tipping over in a crash. A rollover can lead to severe injuries or death for the truck’s occupants and other drivers on the road.

– Cargo hazards

If a truck carries hazardous materials, a crash can result in fires, explosions, or chemical exposure that can cause serious injuries or death.

Overall, while both car and truck crashes can result in injuries and fatalities, truck crashes tend to be more severe due to the size and weight of commercial trucks.

Building a Strong Personal Injury Case

To build a strong case in a truck accident or car wreck case, it’s crucial to gather as much evidence as possible. This can include police reports, witness statements, photos and videos of the scene, and medical records. Fatal truck accidents will take longer to investigate and document.

An extensive truck crash investigation usually takes place with severe injuries. The sooner the investigation starts to determine the cause of the truck accident, the better for your case.

Expert Witnesses

Most personal injury lawsuits involve expert testimony from medical professionals. Truck crash lawsuits are also likely to include truck safety experts and possibly accident reconstruction experts, among others.

We’ll work with you to gather all the necessary evidence, hire the appropriate experts, and build a solid case to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Trucking Accident Investigation is Extensive

In a truck accident case, it’s also essential to investigate the driver and the trucking company to determine if they complied with federal safety regulations. This can include reviewing the driver’s logbook, drug, and alcohol test results, and maintenance records.

The best truck accident attorneys will want to know if the driver was qualified to drive and if they violated any safety regulations that caused the crash.

While the investigation of a car crash personal injury case is usually much less intensive, they tend to be less complex than semi-truck accidents.

We’ll work with experts in the field to investigate the accident and determine the cause.

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Getting the Compensation You Deserve

If you’ve been injured in a truck crash or car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Our Houston accident lawyer will work with you to evaluate the full extent of your injuries and negotiate with the insurance company to get you the best possible truck accident settlement.

How Long Will the Case Last?

How long it takes to settle an 18-wheeler accident case can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the more money is at stake, the harder the insurance company fights to keep it.

We Will Take Your Case to Court

If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, we’re not afraid to take your case to court. Our accident attorneys have a track record of success in getting maximum compensation. We are undefeated in commercial vehicle accident cases.

Get Help from One of the Best Truck Accident Law Firms in Texas

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident or car wreck, it’s vital to seek legal representation as soon as possible. At Baumgartner Law Firm, we have the experience and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact Baumgartner Law Firm in Houston today for a free consultation, or call (281) 587-1111.

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