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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

One question we hear frequently is: How much is my case worth?

When asked at the outset of a case, it is a question that is almost impossible for any personal injury attorney to accurately answer. (more…)

What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Texas

Personal injury protection can be a very important part of your auto insurance profile. PIP is required by statute to be part of an auto policy that is written in the state of Texas unless the insured waives the coverage in writing. (more…)

Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries

The University of Alabama in a recent study sited the average costs of spinal cord injury to be:


Cost of Burn Injuries

Since Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, death by fire was a way to punish ones worst enemies. All of us know the pain involved from only minor first degree burns, such as touching a hot pipe on a lawn mower, or spilling hot chocolate. (more…)

Life Care Planners – What They Do for Personal Injury Lawyers

As many can attest to, the health care industry is an environment that is ever-changing; whether it is through the types of medical practices that are followed to the changes related to compliance, discretion, and associated costs. (more…)

Tips After an Auto Accident Injury

You have been hurt in a car accident, and the other person’s insurance company is on the phone- what do you need to know? (more…)

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