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How to Find Out About Recalls

For many vehicle owners, awareness is often made on tire safety, fuel efficiency, and overall maintenance of the automobile. However, many drivers are not aware that vehicle recalls should also factor into ensuring car safety and should be checked for on a regular basis. According to research, in 2013 alone, vehicle manufacturers recalled approximately 632 vehicles in the United States alone.

More and More Vehicles are Being Recalled Each Year

This made up for about 22 million vehicles overall, which is a sharp rise from the 16.4 million vehicles that was recalled in 2012. In addition, according to Forbes, this information indicates that there are more recalls than there are cars being produced each year. For the average driver, this information may be alarming, but for the car manufacturers themselves, this is not at all surprising as thousands of recalls are made each month. Often, these recalls can affect one part of the car, or the whole vehicle itself – with a various range of severity.

In this vein, many individuals do not know how to tell if any part, or the vehicle itself, has been recalled. However, by not regularly looking at recall issues, one is not exposed to the problem and thus, could potentially be driving around with a dangerous vehicle.

This can lead to everything from an add-on feature not working correctly to the rise of automobile crashes. You should also keep in mind that, according to federal law, automakers must alert consumers about potential vehicle problems in order to ensure swift action. In addition, vehicle recalls can occur because of minor issues, such as improper working superficial features, or because of serious features of the car, such as engine or brake troubles.

Thus, it is important that you regularly check and see if your vehicle has been featured on an automobile recall list. Although, many might assume that they should only check if they have an older car, this is simply not the case. Even if you recently purchased your vehicle it is wise to check and see if it is featured on a recall list anyway.

There are two ways you can check and see if your vehicle, or any part of it, is on the recall list.

NHTSA: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regularly puts out a list of the latest recalls that have been announced by manufacturers. In addition to these safety recall campaigns, NHTSA also includes information on safety and measures that can be taken if a vehicle is listed.

Hotline: If you do not have access to a computer, or are simply on-the-go and want to check out automobile recall information, you can also call NHTSA’s toll-free Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

Above all else, the number one thing you can do to check your vehicle’s recall information is to be highly proactive. Ensure that you check the aforementioned list, or call regularly, as well as become vigilant about your car’s overall safety and maintenance. Some of the recalls listed have been done so because the consumers themselves located a problem and were swift in checking with their automobile dealer.

Greg Baumgartner

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