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Healthcare Resources for Houston Area

Here at the Baumgartner Law Firm, we understand the importance of ensuring viable healthcare for you and your family.

We also understand that it can be extremely difficult to secure healthcare particularly if you do not have health insurance; which can not only be problematic, but getting help can be extremely long, tedious, and often include a great deal of red tape that can be hard to cut through.

However, on the other hand, when a personal injury settlement occurs, whether through work or in an automobile accident, medical care is a critical and necessary component.

If medical care, treatment, or medication is not obtained, the insurance company assumes that one is not hurt, can return to work, or otherwise is not as injured as claimed.

We understand that that kind of thinking can seriously harm one’s reputation and hamper the ability to recover, especially after a traumatic and serious event has occurred.

In addition, we also understand that it may be hard for one to simply know exactly where to look when seeking help that is necessary for obtaining necessary medical care.

Therefore, we have gathered a collection of healthcare resources for you to consider.

We understand how important healthcare is to you and your family, and strongly believe that the first step in healthcare resource obtainment is to understand where to begin.

Please feel free to contact any one of these agencies in order to seek specific medical resources.

Houston Area Healthcare For The Uninsured

Healthcare for Uninsured in Houston

Houston Health and Human Services Department

8000 North Stadium Drive

Houston, TX 77054

(832) 393-5169

The Houston Health and Human Services Department offers viable medical resources, especially for those that are at a clear disadvantage in terms of economic status. In addition to offering general medical resources, the department also offers information on seasonal diseases, new medical threats, and information on how to obtain the utmost medical care.

Harris County Community Services Department

8410 Lantern Point Dr. – Annex M

Houston, Texas 77054

(713) 578-2000


For hearing impaired individuals, please use the following phone number: (713) 578-2000, which can be done through Relay Texas at: 1-800-735-2988

The Harris Community Services Department allows for a lot of projects and programs that are specifically catered to the disadvantaged from the state, as well as communities that could use additional resources.

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center

190 Heights Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77007

The Good Neighbor Healthcare Center is a non-profit created by the United Way Healthcare Agency, which offers services on a sliding scale according to income. Moreover, the clinic does well to offer the following services: pediatrics, woman’s care, adult care, behavioral health, and dentistry. In addition, breast cancer screening and educational resources are also available, as well as nutritional counseling and lab services.

Partners of the Good Neighbor Healthcare Center include the University of Houston College of Optometry Clinic, the Menninger Clinic, as well as the local Walgreens Pharmacy.

Houston Area Community Services – Main Campus

9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Thursday

8 AM to 5 PM Friday

2150 West 18th Street

Houston, Texas 77008

(713) 426-0027

The Houston Area Community Services provides a medical hub for individuals of Harris County, regardless of one’s economic status. These facilities work to offer medical care in the following areas: woman’s health, pediatrics, general medical services, behavioral health, health promotion services, and housing services. One can obtain many of these services through the appointment.

Health Area Community Services – Bautista Pediatric Health Center

8 AM to 8 PM Monday

8 AM to 5 PM Tuesday to Friday

902 Frostwood Drive, Suite. 142

Houston, Texas 77024

(713) 827-8266

Health Area Community Services – Spring Cypress

12 PM to 5 PM Monday and Wednesday

8 AM to 12 PM Tuesday and Thursday

17010 Sugar Pine Drive

Houston, Texas 77090-2213

(821) 537-8627


El Centro de Corazon – Eastwood Health Center

412 Telephone Rd.
Houston, Texas  77023
(713) 660-1880

Founded in 1994, El Center de Corazon is a community-based social service organization that is strictly for the East End locale in the greater Houston area. It has a focus on early childhood development along with mental health services. In addition, the facility also offers some prenatal, pediatric, and adult primary care services, including some dental services.

El Centro de Corazon – Magnolia Health Center

7037 Capitol St.
Houston, Texas  77011
(713) 660-1880

El Centro de Corazon – John S. Dunn Health Center

7635 Canal St.
Houston, Texas  77012
(713) 660-1880

Remember, many of these facilities will have specific stipulations about who can receive medical and health care services from the facility. In addition, during holidays or inclement weather; thus, it is suggested that one place a call ahead of time in order to inquire about specific services, times, and any other measures that may need to be taken.

As mentioned, you and your family’s health are very important to us. We understand that there is a basic need to seek medical care; whether it is simply to ensure the health of one’s family, or because it is a part of getting help after an accident with a large truck or other accident.

In addition, we also know that it can be overwhelming going through resources that are available.

Thus, we are more than happy to offer you a hub to utilize the best services in Houston and surrounding areas.

If you see a resource that has not made its way onto the list, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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