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Free Checks For Child Safety Seats

As part of its ongoing family outreach initiative, the state of Texas has implemented a new initiative with a website www.savemewithaseat.org/. The new website provides important information on the use of safety seats for children, a checklist for finding the right seat to fit your child and also offers locations for a free checkup.

According to the website, 75% of all children in safety seats are not properly secured or are not belted in at all. The state of Texas has taken the bull by the horns and is reaching out to families to ensure that children are protected.

Children who are younger than eight, unless they were over 4’9″ tall must be secured in a safety seat according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the seat. Failure to do so can result in a ticket.

Correct Use of a Safety Seat

  1. Toddlers and infants should ride in rear facing safety seats until they were at least two years old.
  2. Children two years old or older and a few other children who have outgrown the starter seats should use a forward facing safety seat with a harness for long as possible.
  3. Children who have outgrown – according to manufacturer’s recommendations, the forward safety seat should be outfitted with a booster seat.
  4. Children who are taller than 4’9″ tall or whose height or weight exceed the manufactures recommendations should be properly buckled.

The Texas Department of Transportation should be commended for their outreach effort to save children’s lives. By going to the website, you can find locations near you where experts will check a safety seat for you to make sure it is properly installed are appropriate for your child.

Studies have shown that many parents believe that there child is safe in a car seat but have the child buckled wrong or in a seat that was inappropriate for the child.

To take a few minutes to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for the car seat or to have an expert check out the seat and installation just makes plain sense.

Greg Baumgartner

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