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Burn Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Undoubtedly, burn injury lawsuits attract some national attention and usually because of a large jury verdict. Studies have shown that burn injury cases have the potential for extremely large awards for many different reasons. (more…)

Treating 3rd Degree Burns

A burn can cause skin or tissue damage due to a very heated material, such as a hot object, fire, chemical spill, or other hazardous component.   In addition, a burn can be the result of anything from a kitchen accident to the result of an unbridled fire. (more…)

Cost of Burn Injuries

Since Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, death by fire was a way to punish ones worst enemies. All of us know the pain involved from only minor first degree burns, such as touching a hot pipe on a lawn mower, or spilling hot chocolate. (more…)