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Alcohol or Drug Use

by Truckers

The implications of drunk driving or while under the influence of drugs are far-reaching when it happens in Texas. The charges can be either civil or criminal. Failure to suffer liability for civil penalties does not guarantee immunity against criminal charges. Furthermore, an acquittal on any of the charges does not mean the driver will escape liability for other damages arising from the accident.

A Trucking Accident Attorney
to Protect Your Rights

Some unscrupulous trucking companies hire defense attorneys to shift the blame of the crash to other innocent parties involved in it. Some attorneys further seek out accident reconstruction experts who manipulate the evidence at the crash site in their favor.

That is why pictures play a crucial role in 18-wheeler crash lawsuits in safeguarding the truth. Your personal injury lawyer will also advise you on the preservation of your vehicle to avoid any tampering. This is to defend you if the crash happened because of a malfunction and not out of intoxication or any other oversights. Note that crashes occur because some truck companies do not adhere to safety regulations.


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