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Why Settlements are Larger for Truck Crashes

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As a personal injury law firm in Houston, Texas we have represented families after auto and trucking accidents for decades.  We have helped thousands of car crash victims and hundreds of truck accident victims.

In a nutshell, trucking accidents settle for more money than the same injuries in a car-to-car accident.

But why? This article addresses that issue and offers tips to maximize your personal injury compensation.

Truck Accident, Baumgartner Law Firm

Here are some of the reasons trucking accidents settle for more.

Truck Drivers are Professionals

To get behind the wheel of a big rig, one must have a commercial vehicle license. This involves classes, training, and tests. The reason that truckers have special licenses is because of the danger to the public of a big rig.

With the commercial driver’s license or “CDL” comes responsibilities and extra care safety-wise. Juries in Houston do not like professional drivers taking chances with our community safety.

Truck Drivers Must Comply with Safety Regulations

Before each trip, a professional driver must inspect the rig for safety according to a checklist. And at the end of each day, the driver must again inspect the truck for safety deficiencies and report back to the company.

Other regulations dictate when a trucker can be on the job or behind the wheel. These rules are designed to prevent tired truck drivers from causing a wreck. When a trucker violates a rule that was a cause of a crash, either the truck driver or their company or both took a shortcut or did not comply with the law. The violation is powerful evidence in a trucking accident lawsuit.

Trucking Companies have Special Rules

Both state and federal laws apply to trucking companies. Which laws are designed to ensure the drivers are safe and the trucks are in proper operating condition, or the driver was safe.

Rules Violations by Truckers Endangers Our Community

Violating the law and causing an accident that injures others is never a good look for a defendant. But, with a trucking company or their driver, it is calculated to lead to a jury ready to set the matter straight and protect the community.

A skilled attorney with experience in investigating and prosecuting a civil trucking accident lawsuit is the insurance companies’ worst nightmare.

Expertise is Required with 18-Wheeler Settlements

Unlike a car-to-car accident. Trucking accident settlements require specific expertise to maximize compensation.  With a car accident, you or your lawyer will deal with the other driver’s insurance company, and liability is usually determined by the Texas Crash Report.

With commercial vehicle accidents, the investigation is much more critical and involved. The insurance will be commercial liability which includes top defense attorneys and a real fistfight. Getting an experienced truck crash lawyer in Houston is essential to get the best compensation.

A Few Examples of a few of our Trucking Accident Victories!

  • We represented a family after a dump truck swerved and struck an innocent driver going the other direction. The insurance company paid the commercial policy limits.
  • A tractor-trailer jackknifed across the roadway, leaving no avenue of escape for the motorists going the opposite direction. We obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement within 8 months.
  • A trucker backed across the roadway trying to deliver a load. We obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement from the trucking company and a 6-figure settlement from the business receiving the delivery.
  • Our firm represented a truck driver injured in an accident which was his fault. We sued his trucking company and others and obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement on the day of trial.

Big Rig Accidents Need Top Lawyers

The truck crash attorneys in Houston at Baumgartner Law Firm have helped families who lost a loved one and people severely injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler for over 35 years.

We have been recognized as one of the best truck accident lawyers in Texas by SuperLawyers, Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers, Lead Counsel, Best Attorneys of America, Top Trucking Accident Lawyers, Top 10 Truck Accident Lawyers, and many others.

Get a Qualified 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

What lawyer you hire will have the single biggest impact on your settlement. Truck accident lawyers understand the severity and complexity of these cases and are ready to fight hard on behalf of their clients. Compared to car accident cases, these cases need more time and expertise to get the best results.

Truck accident claims can sometimes be worth millions in damages, but that also means the cost of fighting these cases is significantly more than a car accident. The investigation and how the case is handled matters. If you are looking for results, call us at (281) 587-1111.


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