How Long Does It Take to Settle An 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

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Car accidents happen every day in Houston, Texas. If you’re lucky, you are not injured. With a car crash, the severity of the impact varies depending on the disparity of speeds between the vehicles. But with a commercial vehicle like an 18-wheeler, because the big rig waste so much more than passenger vehicles, even a low-speed crash can be fatal.

Because most 18-wheeler accident claims involve significant injury, the cases take longer to settle for a fair amount. The more serious the damages, the longer the case should take. There are exceptions to the rule, such as severe damages and a smaller commercial insurance policy.

But the worse the damages are, the longer the case should take to settle.

Proving Fault is a Crucial Part of a Full Settlement

Proving fault is a vital component of obtaining a settlement for maximum compensation. Proving fault can be relatively simple sometimes, such as you were stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a big rig. But other accidents can involve complications in determining fault.

In more complex cases, a truck accident lawyer will typically hire accident reenactment experts to piece together the crash scenario and put together a presentation for an explanation to a jury. Other experts can include trucking safety personnel and private investigators, and law enforcement experts.

Also, determining default in of itself is not always enough to maximize the money that you may receive in a settlement. In some cases, the trucking company and the truck driver may want to “stipulate” liability. Usually, that is an attempt to hide other facts that would not be favorable if her by a jury.

For example, in one recent case, we won the company wanted to stipulate liability, hoping we would let go of our investigation and settle quickly for a lower amount. We doubled our efforts and uncovered several violations of the law, including driving over the allowed hours. The trucking company paid our demand, and our client was thrilled with his results.

The More Prepared You are for Trial, the Better Your Settlement

There is a saying, one way to focus the insurance adjuster is an eminent trial setting. Most truck accident lawsuits settle before trial. If your lawyer is prepared for trial, the chances of a favorable settlement increase substantially. It takes time to develop a case for a trial.

You are Fighting a Professional

The higher the damages, the bigger the fight. The bigger the fight, the longer the case will take to resolve for full maximum compensation. If you’re looking for a quick settlement for a low amount, our law firm is not the right choice for you. If, however, you are looking to maximize your compensation after someone is seriously injured or you have lost a loved one, we are the go-to truck accident attorneys in Houston.

Commercial insurance companies will hire the best defense counsel they can find to try to reduce the amount they must pay for your damages. That is why you need the best attorney for a truck accident on your side.

Start Early to Win

Starting early with an investigation can help increase the chances of a full settlement. The more evidence you have of wrongful conduct, the better your case. Often, our early investigations reveal facts unknown to the investigating officers. Sometimes it is only after intensive work we can discover violations of the law.

Injuries and Treatment Can Prolong Settlement

With a wrongful death truck accident case, the damages are known immediately. However, with an injury, particularly with on-going treatment such as surgery with rehabilitation or another injury, your medical damages, and the total impact on your life be not be known right away.

The longer your medical treatment, the longer that case will take to settle. We have found it is almost always a mistake to pursue a quick settlement while a victim is still being treated. Quickly settling simply caps the damages for the defendant and shifts the risk to the family.

The More Your Damages, the Longer the Case

Seven and eight-figure settlements do not happen overnight. It can easily take two years to get a trial setting in Texas. The countdown starts from the time a truck accident lawsuit is filed. It is reasonable to expect a significant damage truck accident personal injury claim to last up to two years and sometimes longer.

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