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How Long Does It Take to Settle An 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

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18-Wheeler Accident

in Houston

Car accidents happen every day in Houston, Texas. If you’re lucky, you are not injured. With a car crash, the severity of the impact varies depending on the disparity of speeds between the vehicles. But with a commercial vehicle like an 18-wheeler, because the big rig weighs so much more than passenger vehicles, even a low-speed crash can be fatal.

Because most 18-wheeler accident claims involve significant injury, the cases take longer to settle for a fair amount. The more serious the damages, the longer the case should take. There are exceptions to the rule, such as severe damages and a smaller commercial insurance policy.

But the worse the damages are, the longer the case should take to settle for maximum compensation.

The More Your Damages,
the Longer the Case

Seven and eight-figure settlements do not happen overnight. It can easily take two years to get a trial setting in Texas. The countdown starts from the time a truck accident lawsuit is filed. It is reasonable to expect a significant damage truck accident personal injury claim to last up to two years and sometimes longer. Our award winning personal injury lawyers have been winning record settlements for decades.


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We have been helping families up to injury truck accidents and wrongful death truck accidents over three decades. We have never lost a trucking accident case and have numerous multimillion-dollar truck accident settlements. Put our truck accident team to work on your case.

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