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Women at Greater Risk of Injury In an Accident

A recent report indicates that in the case of vehicle collisions women are repeatedly at greater risk of more severe injury than their male counterparts. According to results published in a recent article of the highly regarded American Journal of Public Health women who are generally of smaller stature sustain greater injuries in comparable accidents even with the additional support of safety devices such as seat belts and air bags. In fact, according to the findings of their study women are actually nearly twice as likely to sustain catastrophic injuries as men!

Not everyone who has read the research agrees with the results. There are a number of anomalies in the study that bear closer inspection. In an interview on a television newsmagazine one expert counters by offering the following problem with the findings:

*the study relied on statistics that date back over a decade. This means that the types of vehicles from which data was collected did not have the safety features that are common on today’s cars and trucks. In fact, the vehicles under consideration could have been built in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Safety technology has evolved rapidly since then.

Those who take exception to this study believe that it is all but invalid and should not be presented as authentic science. It was suggested that one way to improve the findings would be to limit the research to vehicles that were manufactured in the last decade alone. The other side of the coin is that the study has pretty clear evidence the women may be more likely to be seriously injured in a car accident.

There is an old saying that you take your plaintiff as you find them. There is little doubt that some people can be much more susceptible to injury than others. The elderly for example can be very seriously injured and even a low-speed impact, given their frailty.

Car crashes are not an exact science and in this very same impact, it is not unusual for some occupants of the vehicle to walk away unharmed or with little injury while others can be very seriously injured in the same accident. I’m always amazed at how some can escape injury completely and others require extensive medical help from the same car wreck.

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