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When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

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Car accidents happen every day in a bustling city like Houston. While some might be minor fender benders, others can result in devastating injuries and complicated legal battles. If you’ve been in a car accident, knowing when to seek legal representation, especially from a skilled Houston car accident lawyer, is crucial to protecting your rights and getting the compensation you deserve.

When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

While it is possible to deal with a minor car accident on your own, there are situations where hiring an attorney is highly advisable in Houston.

If the other driver or their insurance company denies fault, proving your case without legal support becomes challenging. A trusted car accident attorney in Houston can gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and even file a lawsuit if necessary.

Insurance companies often dispute the severity of your injuries or the value of your claim to minimize their payouts. An attorney knows Texas insurance laws and can advocate for your rights, preventing the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

Extent of Injuries

The severity of injuries you sustain in a car accident significantly influences the need for legal representation. Major injuries like broken bones, internal damage, or traumatic brain injuries frequently require extensive medical treatment, ongoing care, or rehabilitation. They might also affect your earning capacity. A personal injury attorney can pursue fair compensation for your current and future needs.

Permanent or long-term disability resulting from an accident requires specialized legal expertise to obtain compensation that accounts for your life-long expenses and loss of income.

Severity of the Accident

Regardless of whether you need an attorney, the accident’s impact is crucial. Severe damage to vehicles suggests a correspondingly severe impact. This increases the possibility of serious injuries and potential disputes with insurance companies over the value of your claim.

Accidents involving several vehicles often result in complex legal scenarios with multiple insurance companies. An attorney will untangle the complexities and ensure you receive fair compensation from all liable parties.

The Complexity of the Car Accident Case

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine who was at fault in an accident. An attorney can investigate the scene, analyze police reports, and potentially reconstruct the accident to establish liability.

Depending on the cause of the accident, parties like a vehicle manufacturer in case of a defect, a negligent road maintenance company, or another driver might share liability with the person who directly hit you. An attorney will identify all responsible parties and ensure you are justly compensated.

Insurance companies may dispute your claim by arguing that your injuries are related to a pre-existing condition. An attorney will work to demonstrate how the accident worsened your condition or caused new injuries.

Insurance Company’s Response

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and as such, they prioritize their bottom line over fair compensation. They might try to delay the process, hoping you’ll get frustrated and settle for less. An attorney will ensure your case moves forward efficiently and won’t let the insurance company stall.

The insurance adjuster might dispute the severity of your injuries to reduce your payout. Your attorney will gather medical evidence and, if necessary, work with medical experts to prove the full extent of your injuries.

Insurance companies often rush to offer a settlement, hoping you’ll accept it before realizing the true value of your claim. An attorney can assess the offer and advise whether it’s fair or if further negotiation is needed. Taking the right steps after a car accident can help your claim.

​​How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

The good news is that most car accident attorneys in Houston work on a contingency fee basis. You won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for legal consultations or case preparation. This makes legal representation accessible to victims, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Your attorney’s fees are a percentage of the compensation they obtain for you, typically ranging from 33% to 40%. If your case is unsuccessful, you owe no legal fees. Don’t worry about the lawyer fees for a car accident, worry about what you put in your pocket/

Be aware that additional costs might apply, such as filing fees or expenses for expert witnesses. Your attorney should discuss these costs transparently and upfront with you.

Getting into a car accident in Houston can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. If you’ve been injured, understanding when to get legal representation is crucial for protecting your rights. A skilled car accident attorney can be your strongest advocate in cases involving disputed liability, serious injuries, a complex accident, or underhanded insurance tactics.

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