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Many fatal truck accidents in Texas
calendar icon05August
Fatal Truck Wrecks Rise on the Rise in Texas and Across the Country

  Fatal truck wrecks are on the rise across the nation. While large trucks account for just 4% of all registered vehicles and an estimated 7% of total vehicle miles …

Get a free personal injury consultation
calendar icon04August
Why Take Advantage of a Free Injury Claim Consultation

Get an Injury Consultation Early! It is shocking how many times we received telephone calls from personal injury victims who speak to an attorney for the first time several months …

What to ask a lawyer for a motorcycle accident
calendar icon04August
What to Ask A Lawyer Before You Hire Them for a Motorcycle Injury Accident?

Track Record in Motorcycle Cases Motorcycle cases involve issues that car accidents or even truck accidents don’t include. Having an experienced attorney who has motorcycle case experience is essential to …

Workplace injury lawyers
calendar icon03August
Workplace Injuries in Texas

  Duties of the Employer In Texas, the employer has a general duty to provide a safe working environment for its employees that can include such things as proper equipment, …

calendar icon02August
When Tragedy Strikes – Retaining A Lawyer

Grief Can Be Incapacitating When a tragedy strikes close to home, people often find it hard to function due to the grief. Personally, after the loss of a loved one, …

Do I need to Hire a accident lawyer?
calendar icon02August
Why Get a Personal Injury Attorney?

  Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Specialist? One of the scenarios that our personal injury law firm sees frequently is a person who has a substantial personal injury …