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What You Need To Know About Flash Flood Preparation

Flood tips by Baumgartner Law Firm

Everyone in the Houston area is well aware of the danger of flash floods. Each year several people perish as a result of a flash flood. Most get caught in cars that get swept away.


When you listen to the weather forecast beware of the following terms:


* Flood Watch: Indicates that flooding or flash flood is possible in your vicinity.

* Flood Warning: Means floating is likely already happening or will happen soon.


One of the most important pieces of advice for people faced with a flood is to “turn around, don’t drown”. Many people lose their lives by trying to drive through our water and end up stuck in their vehicle or swept away. Likewise, it is very easy to get knocked down by running water so avoid walking through flooding if possible and if you must, then look for slow moving water and use a stick to test the depth.


If you are in an area along the river, creek or stream seek higher ground if there is any chance of a flash flood. Flash floods or the leading cause of death in weather related fatalities.


Flood Watch- Be Prepared


Keep your radio or television turned on and tuned to a weather station. If you are in a floodplain area or an area prone to flooding the plan for getting to higher ground.


Keep an emergency kit including a flashlight, extra batteries, emergency cash and first-aid supplies.


The Red Cross recommends that you keep at least a three-day supply of water in your home which is 1 gallon per person per day. Likewise, the Red Cross also advises a three-day supply of nonperishable food.


If Your Home Is Flooded


If your home floods, move valuable items to the highest point possible for to help protect them from water damage. Disconnect electrical appliances and do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. If you’re so instructed, you should also turn off your gas and electricity at the main switch.


Important Flood Resources


Some important resources for checklist and flood advice include the Red Cross and ready.gov.





Buy Flood Insurance


If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, consider flood insurance as extra protection against flood damage. Flood insurance generally does not cost that much and if you are flooded out you’ll be glad you had it. More information regarding availability of flood insurance can be found at: https://www.floodsmart.gov/



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