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What is the Houston Tow and Go Program?

Houston tow and go

If you are a driver in the Houston area, you may run into problems with your vehicle from time to time. The roads in and around Houston are extremely dangerous and packed with many cars and commercial trucks. If you have a vehicle emergency, it might be hazardous, even if you pull to the shoulder. The Houston Tow and Go program is in place to help motorists and prevent serious harm. The program saves lives by reducing the risk of secondary accidents.

Houston Tow and Go Creates Safer Roadways

When a vehicle stops in the middle or on the side of the road, it causes a dangerous situation for the driver and for other motorists. Houston has a plan in place to assist stalled vehicles on most roadways. The program, called Tow and Go, provides motorists with free towing services to remove a stalled vehicle from the road. The Tow and Go program started in 2005 as the SafeClear Program as part of the Houston-Galveston Area Council regional traffic management plan. The plan provides for some important tasks such as:

  • Towing stalled vehicles to a safe place off the freeway
  • Change the tire, if you have a good spare and working jack
  • Towing to nearby storage lot for free (Storage fees will accrue after 48 hours)
  • Towing to your home or other location for a fee

The program is designed to make the roads safer, keep traffic moving, and prevent accidents. Many times, vehicles that are stalled on the side of the road are involved in accidents when motorists fail to see them. It is important to note that the tollways and the Katy Freeway HOT lanes are not included in the program.

What to do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

If your vehicle breaks down, you may call for Houston Tow and Go services. Motorists should download the Houston TransStar app from the Google Play or Apple App store. Then, click on the tow truck icon at the top of the app to call a dispatcher. You can view a map of the areas that are covered by the program. If you do not have the app, call (713) 881-3333. While you are waiting for Tow and Go services, stay inside your vehicle with your seatbelt on and illuminate your flashers. When the operator arrives, he or she will tow your vehicle to a safe place within a mile of the breakdown location. If you have a flat tire and have the necessary spare and equipment, the operator will change the tire at no cost.

The following items are considered break-downs and are covered through the Tow and Go program.

  • Out of gas
  • Flat tire
  • Overheating
  • Other mechanical failures

You cannot use Tow and Go for accident-related problems. The program is in effect on the main lanes, shoulders, ramps, and high occupancy vehicle lanes within the designated service area. Motorists should use the program to help stay safe if their car has a mechanical failure while on the road.

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