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What is a Truck Accident Quick Response Team?

quick response for trucking accident investigations


An accident with a truck is one of the worst crashes you can experience. The damages and injuries will likely devastate you, and you may have lifelong disabilities. The most important consideration for you is to take care of your health. You need to seek immediate medical attention and focus on your recovery. The negligent truck driver should be brought to justice. The responsible party should pay for your damages, including your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.


How Truck Accidents are Different


Truck accidents differ from other types of vehicle accidents in several essential ways. A large commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when carrying cargo, so it can cause a lot of damage. Trucks are more difficult to control and stop, so they can get into multiple vehicles crashes more quickly. The injuries that result from truck crashes are more likely to be severe or life-threatening. These injuries often require extensive medical treatments, sometimes over many months. Your recovery can be lengthy and challenging, and you cannot work, so you may face financial hardship.


Truckers Must Follow the Rules


Both truck drivers and trucking companies must follow the safety rules for big rigs. These rules are codified in both state law and federal law. The DOT regulates the trucking industry to protect the public. In the snap of a finger, a semi-truck can wipe out an entire family.


What is a Quick Response Team?


A quick response team is a group of professionals with experience handling the many various issues that result from truck accidents. Immediately after a truck crash, the trucking company probably already has its own team in place and ready. Their goal is to resolve the claim with as little exposure as possible. There is more information that the trucking company has control over, and you need this data for your case.


For instance, your attorney needs to view data from the electronic logging device that provides information about the time the trucker was driving when the accident happened. Other critical evidence must be obtained before it is lost forever.


A quick response team utilizes as many professionals as necessary to gather evidence in your case. An attorney may request information from the trucking company and might have to file specific legal requests to get it promptly before it gets destroyed. Sometimes an accident reconstruction specialist must determine precisely how the crash occurred and which driver was negligent. Other types of data may also be required, such as video surveillance footage that may show the crash on camera.


This data and more are needed to file a claim and win your case. Getting the compensation, you deserve for your injuries. Your truck accident attorney will work directly with the insurance company to negotiate a settlement that will encompass all of your needs. You need enough money to cover your current and future medical needs, compensation for disabilities, and being unable to work for a lengthy period.


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