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Train Crashes into Dump Truck in Spring

Truck crash in Spring, TX


A train slammed into a dump truck, totaling the vehicle. The crash happened in Spring. The truck driver was reportedly not injured. According to police reports, the dump truck tried to avoid crashing into a vehicle, lost control, and slid off the road and onto the train tracks. A vehicle near the scene caught the accident on its dashcam. Luckily, the driver escaped injury, and the train did not derail. The freight train conductor and engineer on board were not hurt but were shaken up.

The Spring fire department chief said the train was carrying hazardous materials. If the train cars derailed or were damaged, the incident could have been much worse. A Hazmat team from Union Pacific, the train company, cleaned up the tracks and made sure there were no leaks or spills. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the crash.


No Injuries or Fatalities


There were no injuries because of the crash. The results could have been much worse. If the hazardous materials spilled from the train, it would have put other drivers, pedestrians, and people in the area at potential health risk. Some chemicals can cause damage to the lungs. In these situations, the police would quickly secure the scene and issue a warning for residents. The Hazmat team would need to secure the damaged train cars, contain the spill or leak, and clean up the materials. Some hazardous material spills could cause injuries to dozens of people in the immediate area of the spill.


Train Crash Investigation


When an accident such as this happens, the police will need to investigate to determine the cause. The driver and witnesses can provide some useful information to help assess the crash. Apparently, the truck driver indicated that he had to move his vehicle out of the lane to prevent hitting another car. We do not know why the truck was about to hit a passenger vehicle. Truck accidents may be caused by driver error, mechanical failure, or road conditions. Driver error is by far the most common cause of truck crashes. Drivers may be inattentive or fatigued, which can lead to accidents.

Reports indicate the railroad gates may have been down, and the lights were flashing during the crash. A bystander who lives across the street from the scene of the accident told police that accidents in that intersection are common. This could indicate problems with the traffic lights or with the design of the intersection. Sometimes, several factors could cause a single accident. The police will investigate to determine what happened. Likely several factors caused or contributed to this incident.


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