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Top Websites for Driver Safety Information

Top Driving Safety Sites
Top Driving Safety Sites

As any driver can attest to, there is a great deal that goes into owning and maintaining a vehicle; whether it is a motorcycle, personal car, or even a commercial truck.  With the rise of internet popularity a great deal of information can be accessed online in order to help promote driver safety and awareness.  However, one of the biggest problems with using the internet to find important information is that it can still be very hard to know where to look.

In order to cut back on time spent searching, here are the top 4 most helpful websites when it comes to driver safety information.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: The home page for the NHTSA is chalk full of important information you need to know.  When you visit the site each category is segmented as followed: Aggressive Driving, Bicycles, Child Safety, Disabled Drivers, Distracted Driving, Drowsy Driving, Enforcement & Justice Services, Impaired Driving, Motorcycles, and more.  In addition, the website features links to search for recalls, lodge a complaint, seek help about car seats, as well as read articles on many important driver safety topics.
  • Texas Department of Transportation: The webpage of the TDT is well categorized with specific segmentations for travel, inclement weather, the rules of the road, and more. Each section is further broken off by important information such as maps, graphs, articles, closures, state laws, and other important resources.  By far this is one of the most important websites to turn to when one seeks after specific knowledge regarding driving in the state of Texas.
  • AARP: The website features a section just on driver safety.  Not only does it have a search feature that allows one to find a classroom course near their location, but the website also offers an online course as well.  In addition, for those that are heavily invested in driver safety there is also the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer in order to teach or promote a course.  In addition there are also driving resources, including graphs and videos for public viewing.
  • AAA Exchange: For drivers that want to find a niche group this is the website for them. Each category is segmented by a specific age group or type of driver such as senior drivers, teen drivers, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, as well as broader categories such as general roadway safety, distracted driving, and child safety.  Like the other websites, this one offers a number of resources including PDF article downloads, infographics, and more. Many of these graphics and articles can also be easily shared through your favorite social media site with a simple click of a button.

As a whole each of these sites has a plethora of important information you need to know.  In addition, it is also good practice to use these sites together in order to ensure accuracy across all platforms.  Moreover, using all these websites can help increase your knowledge, and more importantly, help you become a more safe and effective driver.






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