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Written by Greg on November 24, 2014


Checking Tires

Check Your Tread Depth



When you think about it, there is not much is important to your safety driving a car as the tires on the vehicle you drive. Following a few tire safety tips can prevent an unnecessary breakdown because of tire failure.

Take the Time to Check Your Tires- Monthly

Taking the time to check your tires on an ongoing basis will not only help you save money by getting better gas mileage but will also reduce the risk of tire failure.


  • One of the most important things to check is tire pressure. Manufacturers and dealers recommend checking your tire pressure at least once a month.


  • Looking for uneven wear patterns and any problems with the tread or foreign objects should be on the list.


  • Simply making sure your tire valves have a screw on cap can help prevent and air leakage.


  • Slowing down when going over bumps or hitting potholes in the road can avoid or minimize tire damage.


Recommended Tire Pressure


The owner’s manual for your vehicle most likely suggests the parameters for your tires and also your tire pressure. If you look on the tire placard which is a permanent label attached to your vehicle’s door edge you can obtain all the necessary information regarding the tire pressure and types and sizes of tires for your vehicle.


Checking Tires Before Vacations


If you’re going on a vacation, always check your tires first to make sure you do not break down on the roadway or have an unnecessary tire problem on the trip.


Checking Tire Pressure


Cold weather can cause your tires to under inflate and may be responsible for the annoying tire pressure light you may see after a sudden cold spell.




Checking Your Tread


Checking your tire’s tread is an important step in tire safety. You can use the Lincoln penny test, which is basically turning the penny so the head is pointing down and insert it into the tread.


If the tread does not cover the head on the penny you should consider replacing your tire. However, we suggest that you take your vehicle to a trusted facility to check your tires before vacations or when you have questions about your tires. You may also want to consider an alignment and brake test before long trips.


Better safe than sorry!




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