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Speed Kills

Accidents caused by speed


Forty years ago the slogan “speed kills” was part of the campaign to get young drivers to slow down and live. While cars have changed much over the years and new highways certainly have much better designs, the concept remains valid.


There is no age group that is more susceptible to being in an accident related to speed than those of young drivers. Statistics are not kind or comforting to parents of teenage drivers when speed is involved. In fact, other than alcohol, speed is the single largest factor of injury in accidents involving teenage children.


While cars are made much safer today than they were 40 years ago, cars also come with much more horsepower today than they did previously. Even family vehicles can approach 300 hp.


Additionally, analysis shows that many times that all accidents involving teens involved both drinking and speed. Statistics show that young males are the most likely to be involved in an accident where excessive speed was a factor.


As parents our job is to do the best we can to keep our children safe and prepare them for the real world. Often, teenage children think they know everything and tune out their parents. For this reason, talking to children about the dangers of speed early on can pay dividends for families.


The biggest way to educate young people about the dangers of excess speed and driving is to practice what we preach and lead by example. If your children see you practicing safe driving habits and occasionally communicating the reasons why to them they are much more likely to be safe drivers themselves when the time comes.


Drive safe!