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Road Debris Causes Serious Problems for Houston Drivers


In several incidents in just one week, road debris or lost truckloads have caused serious problems for Houston drivers. When loads fall off of trucks and get into the roadway, the result can be devastating. Falling debris can travel at high speeds and can break windows and hurt or kill drivers and passengers.

Giant Runaway Spool

A large truck traveling on the East Freeway was carrying a giant spool of fiber optic cable. The huge spool broke loose and careened into a bridge and into traffic. Most drivers were able to safely avoid the huge rolling object, which is larger than an average automobile. One driver got sideswiped by the spool, but luckily, she was not injured in the incident.

According to police reports, the truck was carrying two large spools when the straps holding one of them in place broke, allowing the spool to roll off the truck and directly onto the freeway. The incident happened at lunchtime. The police issued the truck driver citations for logbook problems and for a height violation and were investigating the trucking company to determine more about the loose load.

Lost Load of Gravel

In a separate incident, a truck lost a load of gravel on the inbound lanes of the North Freeway near Parker. The gravel caused a major traffic jam and was a danger to drivers on the road. The gravel was flying in the air as it was kicked up by vehicles passing through. Drivers were urged to avoid the area and drive slowly. Damage to cars and broken windshields was possible as the gravel was being spewed in all directions.

Gravel can be dangerous because drivers may not see small pieces until they travel over them. The wheels kick up the gravel and they emerge as fast-moving projectiles toward unsuspecting drivers behind.

Unsecured Trailer Hitch

In yet another similar incident on Houston highways in the same week, an unsecured trailer hitch flew through the air and smashed into a vehicle on I-45. The scary scene happened when a tow hitch not secured properly came loose from a vehicle and flew into the air, smashing through the windshield of a car behind. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about the incident and urged people to make sure that they have their hitches installed properly before they get behind the wheel. The hitch landed in the passenger seat of the car not occupied. Luckily it missed hitting the driver or the story would have been much different.

Loads that come loose and unsecured items that fly onto the highway are hazards to the public. Trucks are required to properly secure their loads and to make sure that they will not come loose, even in an accident. Car or truck accidents can be serious and may cause severe injuries or fatalities. Reach out to Baumgartner Law Firm to discuss your accident.

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