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Reckless Driving on the Rise During Quarantine

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A recent release by the Governors Highway Safety Administration shows rising concern about some drivers flaunting safety laws due to open roadways. The report indicates that Highway safety officials across the country see a considerable spike in speeding. Unsurprisingly, the trend is facilitated by the open highways.


Some states have reported a remarkable increase in cars traveling over 100 mph.


The Association cautions everyone to follow’s traffic safety laws during this time of national concern. They note that “law enforcement officials have the same mission as healthcare providers” – to save lives. People are cautioned to use care and follow the laws to avoid becoming an accident victim and an additional strain on emergency rooms.


The report also cautions that pedestrian and bicycle traffic has substantially increased at the same time that motor vehicle traffic has declined. Please keep a lookout for pedestrians and bike riders.


Some states are reporting a massive increase in speeding tickets while other states have reported reduced crashes but an increase in the severity of crashes. Speed is undoubtedly a factor in many of these accidents.


The message also highlights a 2019 report, which provides that nearly 1/3 of all car accident modalities or speed-related while a 2020 report provides that pedestrians now account for roughly 17% of all traffic-related fatal car accidents.


Always buckle up and obey the speed limits.


Greg Baumgartner

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